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Trashion Rehearsal (Mandatory)

Date: Aug 14, 2017

Run Don’t Walk!

2017 San Juan County FAIR


This contest is all about having FUN! So let your imagination go. Be wildly inventive, “think outside of the recycle bin.” and try another persona on for size. Please do remember, though, that this is a family show and there will be children in the audience. Use your best judgment and keep age-appropriateness in mind. The San Juan County Fair Board retains the right to refuse the entry if it is determined to be inappropriate.

The first three participants to apply with a completed application will receive a special prize—so get on it!


The contest is open to all San Juan County residents.


  1. Applicants are invited to create wearable artwork/fashion using recycled, repurposed, reused and/or found materials. Pieces must be durable enough for wearing in the show. Vintage or used clothing will not be accepted unless it has been significantly repurposed and redesigned into something substantially “new.”
  2. Use duct tape and news paper sparingly in your design.

3. Collaborations are allowed.

4. To be eligible for the show, your completed entry form must be received in the Parks and Fair admin Office (alongside the Main Building just inside the Main Entrance) by 6 pm, Monday, August 14th.

5.All entrants or models of the entry must attend the Walk-Through Rehearsal, Monday, August 14th, 6:00pm at the Main Stage, by the Main entrance on Argyle Ave.You must attend the rehearsal. The actual Trashion Fashion show is on Saturday August 19th at 5:00pm on the Main Stage (Yes! new time—previously at 6pm!).

[If you do not want to model your entry, you are encouraged to find a model.Please let us know if you need assistance with this—we can find one for you in a pinch.]


Our venue is quite small, and backstage space is very limited. There are stairs to navigate, and there may be a “runway” to navigate.You may even want to consider a mobile entry ie: on a skate board, unicycle or stilts.It is a good idea to keep these things in mind when designing your entry.

Here’s some ideas!

  • Create an outfit you could wear again.(Good design, well sewn, etc.)
  • Use those recycled materials!
  • Re-use that trash! (items that are destined for the land fill)
  • Make something related to the Fair theme! (This year its “San Juan County Fair..It’s All the Buzz”)
  • Register Now!You may have everything you need right in your own backyard!
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