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Grains & Forage Plants

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Grains & Forage Plants Entry Rules

Superintendent: TBD


Agricultural Tent


Blue $5

Red $3

White Ribbon Only


1. All sheaves of grain shall be three inches in diameter at the middle tie. Heads should be pulled down around the outside so as to form a cone-shaped head on the sheaf. The leaves are removed and bottoms cut off square.

2. Vetch and peas should be bound to a stick to keep them straight. Hay should be one flake, tied and free from disease and insects.

3. Grain and seed must be of one variety: free from weeds, chaff and dirt, yet untreated. Exhibit is to be displayed in a standard pint jar.

Class I: Sheaves of Grain


1. Barley

2. Oats

3. Wheat

Class II: Grain and Seed


1. Barley

2. Oats

3. Wheat

a. Spring

b. Winter

4. Corn

5. Peas

Class III: Hay - One Flake


1. Fescue


a. Red

b. White

3. Alfalfa

4. Orchard

5. Timothy

6. Trefoil

7. Other

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