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The Fairgrounds is always looking for enthusiastic people who love to get involved! With so many different entry departments there is bound to be something to peak your interest!

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Volunteer Opportunities

For 2017,we have several volunteer opportunities available:
  • Fair Superintendents: A Fair Superintendent is a lead volunteer for an exhibit department. Responsibilities include being present on Entry Day (the day before the Fair starts, Tuesday August 15th 9a-6p) to assist exhibitors with entering, gathering volunteers to help you with your department's entry day, displaying entries, monitoring the department/getting volunteers to monitor exhibit area during the week, and assisting with exhibit pick-up day the Sunday following the Fair. This is a very integral position to making the Fair exciting and full of our Islands community talent and artistry. The following Superintendent positions are available:
    • Fleece (Read more about this department here)
    • Fruits and Vegetables (Read more about this department here and here)
    • Grains and Forage (Read more about this department here)
    Fair Department Team Member: Assisting the department Superintendent, a Department Team member helps with entry day exhibit intake, setting up the exhibits to be displayed for the duration of the Fair, monitoring the department during the Fair, and potentially "scribing" for the judge after entry day is over and judging begins (Tuesday night). Perks for this position include Discounting Admission! ($15 season pass--a $10 savings!) Sign Up Now!
  • Fairgrounds Gardener Extraordinaire: Do you love gardening? Are you someone who notices and appreciates public space landscaping--then this position is for you! As a "gardener extraordinaire" you would work on several landscaped areas of the grounds to make the Fairgrounds the best it can be for our main event!

2017 Volunteer Inquiry Form

The Fairgrounds is looking for Volunteers for the Fair Event and other Fairgrounds produced events on all levels!
  • Ever considered becoming a Superintendent for one of the Departments at the Fair?
  • Willing to help with Entry Day exhibitor check-ins for the Fair?
  • Have experience caretaking day parks or landscaping?
  • Have photographic or graphic design skills?
  • Music Talent you'd consider showcasing for Fair? (inquire here)
  • Enjoy working with people?
  • Willing to pick up litter?

Complete this form or check out our Sign-Up Genius for the Fair Event (July 2017)

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