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Canine Cancer Alliance

A cancer diagnosis for our dogs means saying goodbye too early.

Our mission is to accelerate discovery of safe and effective treatments of cancer to help our furry family members.

Join our Wag Love Life virtual celebration of our amazing dogs!

Walk, run, or hike and join our fun activities with your pup.

Special something for the brave cancer fighters and survivors.

From Aug 16 to Sept 12, you can join us here.

Why are our dogs getting cancer?

Like people, cancer in dogs are caused by both genetic factors and the environment. While cancer risks are higher for older dogs and for certain breeds, it strikes young dogs, old dogs, pure-bred dogs as well as mixed-breed dogs.

Can cancer be cured?

If discovered very early, cancer in pets can be cured with surgery and other forms of treatment. But sadly, for many dogs, cancer is further along when found.

What treatments are available to help dogs today?

Most treatments rely on surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Today's treatments are expensive and not very effective. In most cases, cancer returns even with the treatment.

Why are there so few effective treatment options for dogs?

Drug development is risky and takes a great deal of money. Most companies will only invest in those drugs that have potential for producing large profits. They focus on human cancer treatments because they can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient.

What is CCRA doing to help pets?

We focus on discovery of promising new treatments, and accelerating their tests in clinical trials. These treatments must be safe, effective, and affordable. We partner with scientists and veterinarians around the world, so that these treatments will become available locally.

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