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Friends of the San Juans


Our Story: A citizen group formed Friends of the San Juan Islands in 1979 to preserve the beauty, character and wildness of the islands in the face of increasing development. Our first major effort was working alongside county staff to adopt the first Comprehensive Land-use Plan. We use science to inform decisions that conserve the islands' environment and economy in addition to community engagement. We continue this same work today with broad community support.

Today, as in our early days, the work we accomplish is in the things you don’t always see to protect and restore the intrinsic values of our islands. We’ve expanded our responsibilities and environmental perspectives, such as stopping Xylene manufacture and export in Anacortes, ensuring a refinery expansion does not impact Southern Resident orcas, and discovering 15 new forage fish spawning beaches with our volunteer community scientists (illustrating the benefits of shoreline restoration in the food chain of marine ecology). We mentor high school students to take action today, and in the future, to address climate change legislation and reduce single-use plastic because the future must have innovative and informed leaders prepared to positively guide and protect the environment.

We remain dedicated to healthy seas, natural shorelines, and thriving communities because orca need salmon, salmon need forage fish, forage fish need natural beaches, and people need the constant of nature for peace and good health. The actions you take today will protect our island future and leave a positive legacy that our youth can carry on.

Friends of the San Juans: protecting and restoring the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea for people and nature — since 1979.

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Zoom with the Friends of the San Juans

Coffee with Friends: A Q&A with Kaia and Katie about our efforts to change our relationship with plastic. Thursday August 13th 10 am-11 am on Zoom

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Cocktails with Friends: A Q&A with Lovel Pratt about Health Seas Friday, August 14th at 5:30pm on Zoom.

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Cocktails with Friends; A Q&A with Jess Newley about VR Immersive Education Saturday, August 15th at 5:30 on Zoom
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