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Lucky Fido Dog Training, LLC

Welcome to Lucky Fido Dog Training! Lucky Fido serves all the pet training needs of our island commmunities. I am Suzanne, and I am the owner of Lucky Fido and a certificed Dog Trainer through the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers where I studied the Science of Animal Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Dog Training!
As an evidence based, positive rewards trainer, I know that it is NEVER necessary to pinch, shock, choke, pin or otherwise hurt and scare animals in the name of training. Like many trainers, I have made those mistakes and I am dedicated to helping you avoid them and discover the joy of training with rewards and kindness
When we know better, we have the opportunity to do better! The 'DO BETTER' people are my clients and students and I couldn't be happier about that!

PUPPIES! - THE YEAR ONE from 8 Weeks to Senior Years
is the most important time you have with your puppy to develop the skills that will help you all in the future
  • Puppy 1 ABCs, ages 8-16 weeks for these crucial socialization and fear prevention tasks that can only happen during these first 4 months!
  • Puppy 2 Growing Up Great, First Manners for your 5-8 month old puppy!
  • Puppy 3 Your Community Puppy, skills in real life scenarios.
Check out this information from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior regarding the importance of Early Socialization!

Though not all dogs appreciate play with other dogs, many do. Time spent with their own species, using appropriate skills and communication is deep enrichment for our dogs.

  • Nose Work
  • Manners
  • Family Dog Training
  • And much, much more
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