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OrcaSong Farm

Farm-made products for well-being - Inspiring. Healing. Connecting.

A place to Inspire

OrcaSong is a project to grow a community Inspired by the wonders of nature—its boundless capacity as a source of Healing, and its foundational role in planting the roots from which Connections between people grow.

A Line of handmade Products for wellbeing

Our products help you find ease, calm and wellbeing in today’s rapidly changing world. They are created with care, by hand, from certified organic and wild- crafted plants grown on our farm with sustainable harvesting practices.

A Farm for connecting and community

And while caring for yourself, you are also providing care for our community and beyond. All sales support our women-led, LGBTQ+ owned, managed & allied, not-for-profit, certified organic farm and climate resiliency education initiative.

Upgrade Your Hand Sanitizer


OrcaSong Farm Products

Skin-softening Hand Sanitizer

We’ve got you covered...in Hand Sanitizer you’ll actually love using. Just ask our devoted customers...this skin-softening formula is better than the rest. It doesn’t dry your skin or leave it sticky. The uplifting aromatherapeutic scent will uplift your mood (like walking through a lavender field or forest on a breezy day). Formulated with organic and wildcrafted extracts from our farm and plant-derived moisturizers, this sanitizer is made for those looking for high quality skin care. Use with abandon.

Our Sanitizer Fights Germs

• Kills bacteria when no soap and water are available

• Sanitizes with 66% total alcohol (meeting CDC guidelines)

Softens Skin with Organic Moisturizers

• Vitamin E for natural soothing and calming of skin

• Aloe helps to lock in moisture and hydrates skin

Smells amazing with farm-grown extracts. Made with farm-grown, organic and wildcrafted hydrosols and essential oils for a premium aromatherapeutic experience.

• Lavender - Soothes with a calming floral fragrance with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

• Red Cedar & Eucalyptus - Grounds with its vibrant forest smell while also imparting antimicrobial and anti-anxiety properties

Moisturizing Hand Soap

A Summer Field Full of Flowers for Your Do-Good Hands. We decided to bring the blissful experience of our farm botanical fields to you with our newest product. Introducing our skincare and aromatherapy inspired, all-natural, botanical-ingredient enhanced, Moisturizing Hand Soap. So good you may just want to wash longer than 20 seconds.

Cleans Germs & Grime

• Plant-based and biodegradable—no parabens

• Gentle, vegan, detergent- and sulfate-free, castile soap base

Moisturizing, Organic Oils

• Rich with argan, jojoba, hemp and olive oils

• Delivers antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids to hydrate and heal skin

Uplifts The Senses

• Farm-grown, organic lavender essential oil and chamomile hydrolot offer calming properties

• Sweet orange essential oil refreshes, re-energizes and uplifts the mind

Farm Extracts

Our farm extracts are made from certified organic and wildcrafted plants grown on our farm with sustainable harvesting practices. We harvest, distill and package our extracts by hand on our farm


Hydrosols are botanical extracts containing the beneficial components from plants that can dissolve in water. Made by steam distillation, they hold just as many constituents and properties as essential oils. Hydrosols can be used as a facial toner, skin wash, laundry aromatizer, window cleaner, air freshener, pillow spray, room diffusers, fragrance, anywhere water is used, and more.

Red Cedar

Our Red Cedar Hydrosol abounds with a fresh and calming coniferous aroma, making it good for enhancing the senses during meditation. Crafted from fresh Red Cedar leaves, this hydrosol is also ideal for home cleaning and skin care recipes.

Douglas Fir

Transport yourself to wooded groves fresh and clean with morning dew. Douglas fir needles provide this sweet, citrusy, resinous aroma perfect for stimulating a bright and clean experience wherever used.


Lavender is famous for its beautiful aroma and mood-enhancing effects and is used extensively for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Promote positivity, feel good, reduce stress, and cleanse your environment with these hydrosols.



Wrap yourself up in a blanket of soothing calm with one smell of this essence of chamomile. Used extensively for its relaxing, sleep- assisting, and digestive effects, it is also known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Essential oils

Our Essential Oils are steam distilled plant extractions perfect for aromatherapy, cleaning and beauty care. By creating whole essential oils instead of aromatic isolates, we choose health over convenience. Our oils reflect the land where the plants are grown and the seasons they’ve experienced.


Invoke the feeling of walking through fields of flowers on a bright summer day. Our lavender oil concentrates the essence of this plant famous for calming, refreshing, relaxing, cleansing and beautifying. Bring our farm into your day, one certified-organic drop at a time.

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