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WSU San Juan Co Extension Office


WSU Extension - San Juan County

Our Mission

Washington State University Extension engages people, organizations and communities to advance knowledge, economic well-being and quality of life by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

What We Do

Our programs provide research-based education in agriculture, pest identification and management, home horticulture, forest resource management, environmental stewardship, 4-H youth development, and food safety. WSU Extension programs are funded by WSU, SJC, extramural grant dollars, program revenue and donations. Impact is leveraged by training volunteers to deliver university-based programs.

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Agriculture Program

The San Juan Islands are home to a diverse range of direct-market vegetable and fruit producers, grain, forage and livestock farmers with unique challenges and opportunities relating to the island geography and economy.

The San Juan County WSU Extension Agriculture Program focuses on providing commercial farmers with access to up-to-date agricultural information, education, and technical assistance relating to agricultural production, marketing, pest and disease management, and regulations.

Interested in hearing about local, regional, and national webinars and events, funding opportunities, new research, Ag news, and updates? Subscribe to the San Juan County Food and Farm mailing list in the sign-up form provided on our website:https://extension.wsu.edu/sanjuan/agriculture

Forestry Program

The North Puget Sound Region WSU Extension Forestry Program provides education and outreach opportunities for forest landowners and managers in San Juan County. In fall of 2020 they will be offering their flagship “Coached Planning Course” online. Whatever your forestry goals and values are, this comprehensive university-based forestry class will help you get the most out of the land you love.


Noxious Weed Control Program

The mission of the San Juan County Noxious Weed Control Program is to focus on education, prevention, technical assistance and control of noxious weeds through voluntary compliance with RCW 17.10 and WAC 16-750. Noxious Weed Program provides information, outreach and technical assistance to county residents who seek to control or eradicate noxious weeds on private or public properties.

Got Tansy? Watch the video below to learn how, and why it’s important to control Tansy Ragwort in San Juan County


For more information visit:


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4-H Youth Development

4-H is a national youth development program– in Washington State it is sponsored by Washington State University. With its earliest roots in the 1800s, and the first youth club formed in 1902, 4-H has become the nation’s largest youth development organization.

4-H’ers around the country are tackling some of the most current topics such as global food security, climate change, and sustainable energy. Required community service gives them an opportunity for civic responsibility and engagement. The “learn by doing” approach and mentoring by knowledgeable, talented islanders, fosters leadership, responsibility, and caring, that strengthens our families and communities.

Our San Juan County 4-H youth receive guidance from adult leaders and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles themselves, putting to use the 4 H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

Most years you will see 4-H youth everywhere at the San Juan County Fair displaying their diverse creative projects, showing animals, riding horses and giving presentations.This year San Juan County youth are sharing their hard work through an online Virtual Showcase.

Want to support 4-H youth who are participating in the 2020 Virtual Showcase? You can participate in online still life and market animal auctions online. For more information visit:https://extension.wsu.edu/sanjuan/4h/4-h-auction-for-buyers/

WSU Master Gardener Program

The WSU Master Gardener Program is a nationally recognized program that trains volunteers to serve their communities through horticultural education and outreach. Once volunteers receive training, they provide educational information to the public in home and subsistence horticulture including vegetable and fruit gardening, lawn and landscape maintenance, composting, native plants, plant problem diagnosis, pest control and many other concerns.

In San Juan County, WSU Master Gardeners provide plant diagnostic services, tend and educate in demonstration gardens, offer educational presentations, offer gardening advice and much more! In partnership with the SJC Master Gardener foundation we organize a Native Plant Sale, Spring Veggie Sale and an educational Gardening Workshop series (this year via zoom!).

In 2021 we will be partnering with the sate WSU Master Gardener program to offer a Home Horticulture certificate program!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, local Master Gardeners are available to answer gardening questions via phone and email.

For help with a plant problem or plant/insect identification:

1. fill out and attach either a plant problem form or plant/insect ID form with at least one photo;

2. email form and photos to: mg.sanjuancounty@wsu.edu

3. if you have a general gardening question, you may leave a message at (360) 370-7663. Please note it may take a few days get back to you.

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