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PADs for Parkinson’s Demonstration

Date: Aug 14 - Aug 17, 2019
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2019 Fair Demonstration Information

King 5 News Coverage of PADS for Parkinsons

Dogs train in San Juans to sniff out Parkinson's disease 

PADs for Parkinson’s, the program for training dogs to detect Parkinson’s Disease, will hold daily live demonstrations, open to the public, during the San Juan County Fair . Demonstrations will be held from 10:30 am until 11:30 am, August 14-August 17. Demonstrations will take place in the PADs facility, located on the Fairground property in a mobile home-style trailer by the Dougherty Gate Entrance. Beginning at 10:30 am, the dogs will work in 15 minute intervals, so you will have up to four opportunities to observe any one session. During a session, you will have the opportunity to watch 4-7 dogs detect Parkinson’s Disease from a series of samples. The dogs will work at 10:30 am, 10:45 am, 11:00 am and 11:15 am. Observation space is limited to ten observers at a time, so plan to arrive in advance of the scheduled session for the best opportunity to observe the dogs in action.

About PADs for Parkinson’s: PADs, which stands for Parkinson’s Alert Dogs, is the first program of its kind to train and utilize canines to detect Parkinson’s Disease. The program was founded in February of 2016 after research verified that a former nurse in Scotland could smell an odor coming from PD patients. Parkinson’s Disease is a fatal, debilitating disease that afflicts 60,000 Americans per year, and is now expected to outpace Alzheimer’s. Today, no there is no absolute test for the early detection of Parkinson’s Disease. Early detection, if made possible, could add decades of active life to a patient’s outcome. PADs is the only program in the United States to train dogs for the purpose of early detection of the disease. PADs is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with more than 85% of all donations going directly to support training of the dogs.

You can find out more about PADs at www.padsforparkinsons.org

Lisa Holt, Program Director for Canine Detection, PADs for Parkinson's

ABCDT, ABCMT, CATT, CNWI, AKC Evaluator, Therapy Dog Evaluator
(360) 298-5494


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