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Tribal Gallop

Date: Aug 17, 2019

Tribal Gallop is a, new to Friday Harbor, Improvisational Tribal Style Group BellyDance and Drum Troupe. This is the newest, family friendly, follow the leader dance format dancing some of the ancient moves from the Silk Trail to modern moves created by famous dancers of many styles. It is a systematic, easy to learn, suppling, coordinating, strengthening, Level 1, 2 and 3 dance taught by Certified BlackSheep BellyDance Instructor, Susan Derr Drake. The beautiful and colorful costumes are a blend of culture appreciations of so many countries from past to present. The Drummers, taught by Paul Drake, play a Tek, Ka, Doum sound filled with a variety of rhythms. Beginner classes will begin in September! We are 'Ambassadors of Joy' and are so honored to be included in the SJC Fair!

For Class information: www.RidingAids.com or stop by our Booth during the fair.

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