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Heady Virtual Reality

Date: Feb 08, 2020
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to swim with sharks, create a sculpture out of thin air, or fly through space? Spend the day with Bellingham’s Heady Virtual Reality and choose from a variety of virtual reality games to play.

Cost for playing games is $1.00 per minute, play times over 10 minutes are eligible for a discount.

This event is co-sponsored by Luxel Corporation .

Questions? Call 360-378-4310 or email info@sjcfair.org.

Please note, not all games are suitable for young children, and/or may cause motion sickness or disorientation. Suggested minimum age is 8 years old to operate the VR system, player’s head and neck should be able to support the weight of the 1 pound headset.

VR games include Tilt Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Saber, Ocean Rift , Angry Birds & more!

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VR Game Demos

Tilt Brush
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