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Ron Myers

Date: Aug 19 - Aug 21, 2021
"My sincere thanks to you for sharing my love for beautiful music. I began private classical training at the age of six and continued for the next eleven years. A forty-year professional career precluded music as a full-time endeavor. I was afforded the opportunity to travel worldwide; always having a piano to play. Dance bands, radio shows, piano bars, weddings, variety shows, restaurants, special events have all contributed to my musical experience. Since moving to Orcas Island in 1992, I have taught piano privately, accompanied musical productions at Orcas Center, played regularly at Rosario Resort, worked with island singers, and played four summers at Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant. I look forward to sharing my love of music through an Orcas Center live-stream event!" --Ron Myers Thank you to the Orcas Center for sharing these performances with the San Juan County Fair Community. Learn more at:
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Ron Myers Live from the Orcas Center

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