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Jeshua Marshall

Date: Aug 18, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Jeshua Marshall


Raised on a diet of Old Testament hellfire and damnation-style preaching, fresh venison, rainbow trout, powdered milk, and freeze-dried potatoes, Jeshua grew up working class and country. His family split their time between his Scots-Irish Mum’s hometown of Summerland, British Columbia and his American Pop’s Baker City, Oregon. A healthy dose of rock and roll radio accompanied car rides to and from church; and a backdrop of Canadian Folk resonated from grandma’s, cousins’, uncles’ and aunties’ guitars and mandolins along the dirt roads of the Okanogan Valley. Jeshua fell in love with music at a very young age. He was called, in a dream, by the fierce electric guitar of Jimi Hendrix. At 9, he was put on his life path when he received his first acoustic guitar from his father and mother.

Rebellion became the natural inclination for young Jeshua as he became increasingly aware of the contradictions in his religious conservative environment. He was heavily influenced by secular music, considered contraband, smuggled into their judeo-christian household by his brave older brother Jamin. Being exposed to this raw form of art at 11-years-old changed his life forever. With albums like Bad Religion’s - ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, Rancid’s - ‘And Out Comes The Wolves’, and NOFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo, Jeshua’s eyes were blasted open by punk music’s 3 distorted chords. At 16, Jeshua and Jamin formed the grimy, fast, and loud punk band Larry And His Flask. Larry later morphed into one of the most instrumental Folk-Punk bands of their era, touring relentlessly and influencing the genre permanently.

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Jeshua Marshall
Aug 18, 2022 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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