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Low Hums

Date: Aug 19, 2022


Low Hums are a musical collective founded and fronted by Jonas Haskins. Currently performing as a power trio, Low Hums features the dynamic rhythm section featuring Alan Tarantino on Electric Bass and Erik Irving on Drums. Hailing from Seattle, Low Hums play garage rock and roll with a psychedelic perspective. The music is organic, and “west coast”. Paste Magazine described in one review as 'Psychedelic, swagger and glam!’

The fifth full-length LP by Seattle’s cinematic garage slackers has a hint of the concept album about it – space travel, both outwards and into the recesses of one’s own mind, is a recurring theme, as is the sun-baked space of deserts. Though this is a record that’s as much about moving your body as it is about exploring the cosmos. ‘Three Stones In The Night’ brings out the band’s rock swagger, whereas ‘Ghost Babe’ channels a garage-punk spirit, with twin guitars weaving against a backdrop of reedy ’60s organ stabs. ‘Tunnel Of Light’ is a cosmic-country number inspired by a Psilocybin trip the band took at a festival. For all these stylistic shifts, the locked-in grooves, storytelling and continuity of sound add up to an enticing listening experience. Edgy, and with a touch of something dark and dangerous, Zzyzx draws you in like a seedy nightclub. There's some serious voodoo going on.

- 4 Stars Shindig!

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Low Hums
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