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Event Results

Best of Class/Show Winners 2016

And other Special Awards

Thank you to all who participated in Fair this year

Department: Vegetables

Best in Class - Inigo Rose Tomatoes – Bill Karr

Best in Class - Kambocha Squash – Connie Blach

Best in Class - Jalapeno Squash – Kristina Fisher

Best in Class - Snow Peas – Megan Jones

Best in Class – Family Garden – Eliza Habegger

Best in Class – Compst –D.N. Kinsey

Department: Fruits

Best in Class – Red Pears – Lumi Verdugo

Best in Class – Peaches – Wild Bird Bamboo

Department: Food Preservation

Best of Show – Francine Shaw – Green Beans

Judges Special Awards – Gayle Hazelton – Cherries

Judges Special Awards – Katherine Simon – Basil Garlic Vinegar

Department: Fleece

Best of Class – Natural Long Wool Fleece - Audrey Swanberg & Michelle McDarmont

Department: Crafts & Woodworking

Best in Class – Foyer Table – Richard Babbitt

Best in Class – Green Tile Bracelet – Peggy Bailey

People’s Choice – Maple Bench – David Clauson

Best in Class – Driftwood Totem – Priscilla Dean

Best in Class & People’s Choice – Steam Locomotive – Stephen Dyer

Best in Class – Grandkids Delight – Bruce Hall

Best in Class – Necklace – Peggy Hunt

Best in Class – Mermaid Doll – Aft Islam

Best in Class & Special Award – Maple & Cedar Table – Josh Levasheff

Special Award – Blue Bay Sideboard – R & K Paul

Best in Class – “R.A.W. Guitar” – Bobby Warren

Department: Beer & Wine

Best in Class – American Indian Palette – Fletcher Cooper

Best in Class – Dead Ringer IPA – Travis Smith

Best in Class – Dry Irish Stout –Travis Smith

Best in Class – Chocolate Rye – Greg Sawyer

Special Award – Raspberry Wine – Special Award

Department: Goats

Grand Champion – Brown Agouti Doe – Jodi Fowler

Reserve Champion – Caramel Pygmy Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – White with Red Spots Doe – Jodi Fowler

Reserve Champion – Tan Kiko Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – Angora Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – Buck Kid – Lum Farm

Reserve Champion – Under 1 year wether – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Under 1 year wether – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Black & White Kiko Buck – Kensli Bruce

Department: Flowers

Best in Show – Lily – Ellen Lerner

Best in Show – Junior Division – Luma Smith

Best Annual – Sweet Peas – Jon Pickette

Best Gladiolus – Dot Vanderveer

Best Dahlia –Suzanne Fleming

Best Rose – Abraham Darby – Siri Thorson

Best Perennial – Delphinium (White) – Jennifer Anderson

Best Ornamental Grass – Millet “Highlander” – Siri Thorson

Best Flowering Shrub – Hydrangea – Hogan Rishel

Best Indoor Plant Blooming Potted Plant – Pat Riskal

Best Hanging Basket – Sedum wall hanging basket – Lynn Tarabochia

Best Outdoor Potted Plant – Marguerite Bennett

Best Flower Arrangement – Autumn’s Blush –Siri Thorson

Best Succulent – Echeveria in Flower – Donna Alexander

People’s Choice – Oriental Lily – Mike Griffin

People’s Choice – Youth Division – Cattails – Owen Conde-Ragget

Department: Fiber Arts

Best in Show – Woven Rug – Jason Munkres

Sally Bill Memorial Award – Woven Scarf – Mary Minnis

Judy Packard Knitting Award – Knitted Sweater – Karen Clibon

Best in Class I – Handspun Yarn – Valarie Keaton

Best in Class II – Knitted Blanket – Kate Balmer

Best in Class III – Knitted Sweater – Karen Clibon

Best in Class VII – Baby Dress – Concha Lara

Best in Class VIII – Woven Scarf – Mary Minnis

Best in Class IX – Woven Rug – Jason Munkres

Best in Class X – Felted Tunic – Patti Barker

Best in Class XII – Beaded Basket – Sally Anaya

Best in Class XIII – Blanket, Sweater, Hat project – Jo Critchlow

Best in Class XIV – Knitted Scarf - Naomi Whiting

Judges Honorable Mention – Basket – Mary Miller

Judges Honorable Mention –Knitted Cardigan & Shell – Laura Evans

Judges Honorable Mention –Woven Coat – Mimi Anderson

People’s Choice – Crochet Hippo – Judi Ware

People’s Choice – Crochet Elephant Rug – Coral Wilson

People’s Choice –Knitted Scarf – Naomi Whiting

People’s Choice – Felted Tunic – Patti Barker

Department: Textile Arts

Best in Show – Quilt – Barbara Snider

Best in Show – Other Textile – Jackie Scherer

2nd Best of Show – Quilt – Debbie Martinez

2nd Best of Show – Other Textile – Robin Atkins

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Lunnette Higdon-Hertel

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Dona Reed

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Linda Cooper

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Janet Wright

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Marie Johanson

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Heather Arps

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Nita Jean Biggers

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Patty Kingsbury Kuentzel

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Laurie Latta (two!)

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Trish Lehman

Honorable Mention – Other Textile – Kay Kohler

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Marta Specht

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Aft Islam

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Vici Poole

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Donna Rumold

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Karly Feltz

Department: Grains & Forage

Best of Show – Lomfoe Barley Seed – Nathan Hodges

Best of Show – Black Eagle Wheat – Nathan Hodges

Award of Merit –Small Green Project – Nathan Hodges/Barn Owl Bakery

Department: Fine Arts

Best in Show (Non-Professional) – “Serenity” by Judy Dallas

Best in Show (Professional) – Untitled by Maria Michaelson

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Painting- “Serenity” by Judy Dallas

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Drawing- “Buffalo” by Bobbi Hamilton

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Sculpture- “Visions” by Roger Kline

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Mixed Media- Untitled by Shay Eben

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Student 16-18 “Moonlight Island” by Rachel May

Special Youth Award – Jamie Flick

Special Judges Youth Award – Marieke Danniao

Best in Class (Professional) – Painting – “Waves 2” by Debbie Daniels

Best in Class (Professional) –Sculpture – Untitled, by Maria Michaelson

Department: Photography

Best in Show (Competitive) – Susie Carey

Best in Class (Professional, General) - Mark Gardner

Best in Class (Open Class) – Rebecca K Smith

Best in Class (Open Class) – Marcia Walters

People’s Choice (Professional, General) - Mark Gardner

People’s Choice (Competitive- General) – Tom Ashcraft

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Jessica Chaffee

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Alex Tande

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Ryan DeGrazio

People’s Choice (Competitive) – Karen Jensen Hegre

Honorable Mention – Jim Lawrence

Honorable Mention – Brad Pillow

Honorable Mention – Logan & Jennifer Border

Honorable Mention – Beatrice Gravman-Boss

Department: Sheep

Grand Champion – “yearling ewe” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Reserve Champion – “yearling ewe” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Grand Champion – “Wensleydeele Ewe Lamb” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Reserve Champion –“Crossbred Ewe” - Lum Farm

Grand Champion –“Crossbred Ewe” - Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Jacob Ewe – Lum Farm

Reserve Champion – Natural Colored Ewe Pair – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Best of Sire – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Ewe – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Aged Ewe – Betty Burt

Grand Champion – Ewe Lamb – Betty Burt

Grand Champion – Best Pair – Betty Burt

Department: Junior Arts and Crafts

Emerging Artist – “Seahawks” – Allison Benz

Best in Class & Best in Show – “When Moonlight Kissed the Sea” – Aida Must

Best in Class – “Fairy garden” – Seraphina Buck

Best in Class – “Print of Cat” – Lilly Compton

Best in Class- “Eye of Horus” – Moose Kinsey

Best in Class - “All Terrain Car” – Aaron Orozco

Best in Class – “3 Chairs” – Aiden Carli

Best in Class – “Driftwood Weapons” – Ethan Fitts

Best in Class – “I’m a Little Teapot” - Emma Smith

Best in Class - “Tree Cookie Necklace” – Zoe Steele

Best in Class – “Tribute” – Eden Light

Best in Class – “Cabin Bank” – Melia Prince

Best in Class – “Freckles” – Soma Andrews

People’s Choice – “Wooden Spatula” –Caleb Whiting

People’s Choice – “I’m a Little Teapot” –Emma Smith

People’s Choice – “Hands” –Kristin Pluff


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