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"Best Of" The 2016 Fair

2016 Poster Artist Spotlight: Jill Bliss

"Barn and Raised in the Islands"

"Barn and Raised in the Islands"

Artist Jill Bliss created this beautiful piece for the Fair this year! Traveling to a historic barn on each of the ferry served islands, Jill met with the owners to learn more about each farm's history, and what each farm cultivated (shown inside each barn).
From the top: Mulno Cove Farm & Barn on San Juan Island, Biendl Farm & Barn on Shaw Island, Hambly Apple House on Orcas Island, Majestic Farm & Barn on Lopez Island.
See more of Jill Bliss' work at


The SJC Fair Board Award WINNERS!

Board Award: Trashion Fashion

Board Award: Trashion Fashion

Trashion Fashion Department Superintendent Francie stands proud with her extremely well-deserved 2016 Fair Board Award Ribbon! Francie is passing the torch to a new leader next year! The Fair Board and Staff thank Francie for all her hard work and dedication that has made trashion fashion a success!
Also pictured: Fair Board members Kira Sable and Brad Fincher.
Board Award: Crafts & Woodworking

Board Award: Crafts & Woodworking

Round of applause to the dedicated Crafts & Woodworking Department superintendent Susan Fjellman! Her many hours and efforts put into the Fair this year were incredible! Like other departments that welcome a multitude of exhibits, Crafts and Woodworking has a unique challenge creating a beautiful display when you never know what will be entered--a table? Jewelry? A locomotive? Round of applause, it looked great Susan!
Also pictured: Fair Board members Kira Sable and Brad Fincher

Check out some of the fun at the Fair!


Best of Show Winners 2016

And other Special Awards!

Thank you to all who participated in Fair this year

Department: Vegetables

Best in Class - Inigo Rose Tomatoes – Bill Karr

Best in Class - Kambocha Squash – Connie Blach

Best in Class - Jalapeno Squash – Kristina Fisher

Best in Class - Snow Peas – Megan Jones

Best in Class – Family Garden – Eliza Habegger

Best in Class – Compost –D.N. Kinsey

Department: Fruits

Best in Class – Red Pears – Lumi Verdugo

Best in Class – Peaches – Wild Bird Bamboo

Department: Food Preservation

Best of Show – Francine Shaw – Green Beans

Judges Special Awards – Gayle Hazelton – Cherries

Judges Special Awards – Katherine Simon – Basil Garlic Vinegar

Department: Fleece

Best of Class – Natural Long Wool Fleece - Audrey Swanberg & Michelle McDarmont

Department: Crafts & Woodworking

Best in Class – Foyer Table – Richard Babbitt

Best in Class – Green Tile Bracelet – Peggy Bailey

People’s Choice – Maple Bench – David Clauson

Best in Class – Driftwood Totem – Priscilla Dean

Best in Class & People’s Choice – Steam Locomotive – Stephen Dyer

Best in Class – Grandkids Delight – Bruce Hall

Best in Class – Necklace – Peggy Hunt

Best in Class – Mermaid Doll – Aft Islam

Best in Class & Special Award – Maple & Cedar Table – Josh Levasheff

Special Award – Blue Bay Sideboard – R & K Paul

Best in Class – “R.A.W. Guitar” – Bobby Warren

Department: Beer & Wine

Best in Class – American Indian Palette – Fletcher Cooper

Best in Class – Dead Ringer IPA – Travis Smith

Best in Class – Dry Irish Stout –Travis Smith

Best in Class – Chocolate Rye – Greg Sawyer

Special Award – Raspberry Wine – Special Award

Department: Goats

Grand Champion – Brown Agouti Doe – Jodi Fowler

Reserve Champion – Caramel Pygmy Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – White with Red Spots Doe – Jodi Fowler

Reserve Champion – Tan Kiko Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – Angora Doe – Jodi Fowler

Grand Champion – Buck Kid – Lum Farm

Reserve Champion – Under 1 year wether – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Under 1 year wether – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Black & White Kiko Buck – Kensli Bruce

Department: Flowers

Best in Show – Lily – Ellen Lerner

Best in Show – Junior Division – Luma Smith

Best Annual – Sweet Peas – Jon Pickette

Best Gladiolus – Dot Vanderveer

Best Dahlia –Suzanne Fleming

Best Rose – Abraham Darby – Siri Thorson

Best Perennial – Delphinium (White) – Jennifer Anderson

Best Ornamental Grass – Millet “Highlander” – Siri Thorson

Best Flowering Shrub – Hydrangea – Hogan Rishel

Best Indoor Plant Blooming Potted Plant – Pat Riskal

Best Hanging Basket – Sedum wall hanging basket – Lynn Tarabochia

Best Outdoor Potted Plant – Marguerite Bennett

Best Flower Arrangement – Autumn’s Blush –Siri Thorson

Best Succulent – Echeveria in Flower – Donna Alexander

People’s Choice – Oriental Lily – Mike Griffin

People’s Choice – Youth Division – Cattails – Owen Conde-Ragget

Department: Fiber Arts

Best in Show – Woven Rug – Jason Munkres

Sally Bill Memorial Award – Woven Scarf – Mary Minnis

Judy Packard Knitting Award – Knitted Sweater – Karen Clibon

Best in Class I – Handspun Yarn – Valarie Keaton

Best in Class II – Knitted Blanket – Kate Balmer

Best in Class III – Knitted Sweater – Karen Clibon

Best in Class VII – Baby Dress – Concha Lara

Best in Class VIII – Woven Scarf – Mary Minnis

Best in Class IX – Woven Rug – Jason Munkres

Best in Class X – Felted Tunic – Patti Barker

Best in Class XII – Beaded Basket – Sally Anaya

Best in Class XIII – Blanket, Sweater, Hat project – Jo Critchlow

Best in Class XIV – Knitted Scarf - Naomi Whiting

Judges Honorable Mention – Basket – Mary Miller

Judges Honorable Mention –Knitted Cardigan & Shell – Laura Evans

Judges Honorable Mention –Woven Coat – Mimi Anderson

People’s Choice – Crochet Hippo – Judi Ware

People’s Choice – Crochet Elephant Rug – Coral Wilson

People’s Choice –Knitted Scarf – Naomi Whiting

People’s Choice – Felted Tunic – Patti Barker

Department: Textile Arts

Best in Show – Quilt – Barbara Snider

Best in Show – Other Textile – Jackie Scherer

2nd Best of Show – Quilt – Debbie Martinez

2nd Best of Show – Other Textile – Robin Atkins

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Lunnette Higdon-Hertel

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Dona Reed

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Linda Cooper

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Janet Wright

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Marie Johanson

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Heather Arps

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Nita Jean Biggers

Honorable Mention – Quilt –Patty Kingsbury Kuentzel

Honorable Mention – Quilt – Laurie Latta (two!)

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Trish Lehman

Honorable Mention – Other Textile – Kay Kohler

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Marta Specht

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Aft Islam

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Vici Poole

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Donna Rumold

Honorable Mention – Other Textile –Karly Feltz

Department: Grains & Forage

Best of Show – Lomfoe Barley Seed – Nathan Hodges

Best of Show – Black Eagle Wheat – Nathan Hodges

Award of Merit –Small Green Project – Nathan Hodges/Barn Owl Bakery

Department: Fine Arts

Best in Show (Non-Professional) – “Serenity” by Judy Dallas

Best in Show (Professional) – Untitled by Maria Michaelson

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Painting- “Serenity” by Judy Dallas

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Drawing- “Buffalo” by Bobbi Hamilton

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Sculpture- “Visions” by Roger Kline

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Mixed Media- Untitled by Shay Eben

Best in Class (Non-Professional) –Student 16-18 “Moonlight Island” by Rachel May

Special Youth Award – Jamie Flick

Special Judges Youth Award – Marieke Danniao

Best in Class (Professional) – Painting – “Waves 2” by Debbie Daniels

Best in Class (Professional) –Sculpture – Untitled, by Maria Michaelson

Department: Photography

Best in Show (Competitive) – Susie Carey

Best in Class (Professional, General) - Mark Gardner

Best in Class (Open Class) – Rebecca K Smith

Best in Class (Open Class) – Marcia Walters

People’s Choice (Professional, General) - Mark Gardner

People’s Choice (Competitive- General) – Tom Ashcraft

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Jessica Chaffee

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Alex Tande

People’s Choice (Open Class) – Ryan DeGrazio

People’s Choice (Competitive) – Karen Jensen Hegre

Honorable Mention – Jim Lawrence

Honorable Mention – Brad Pillow

Honorable Mention – Logan & Jennifer Border

Honorable Mention – Beatrice Gravman-Boss

Department: Sheep

Grand Champion – “yearling ewe” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Reserve Champion – “yearling ewe” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Grand Champion – “Wensleydeele Ewe Lamb” – Missy Arata, Ovelha Acres

Reserve Champion –“Crossbred Ewe” - Lum Farm

Grand Champion –“Crossbred Ewe” - Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Jacob Ewe – Lum Farm

Reserve Champion – Natural Colored Ewe Pair – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Best of Sire – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Ewe – Lum Farm

Grand Champion – Aged Ewe – Betty Burt

Grand Champion – Ewe Lamb – Betty Burt

Grand Champion – Best Pair – Betty Burt

Department: Junior Arts and Crafts

Emerging Artist – “Seahawks” – Allison Benz

Best in Class & Best in Show – “When Moonlight Kissed the Sea” – Aida Must

Best in Class – “Fairy garden” – Seraphina Buck

Best in Class – “Print of Cat” – Lilly Compton

Best in Class- “Eye of Horus” – Moose Kinsey

Best in Class - “All Terrain Car” – Aaron Orozco

Best in Class – “3 Chairs” – Aiden Carli

Best in Class – “Driftwood Weapons” – Ethan Fitts

Best in Class – “I’m a Little Teapot” - Emma Smith

Best in Class - “Tree Cookie Necklace” – Zoe Steele

Best in Class – “Tribute” – Eden Light

Best in Class – “Cabin Bank” – Melia Prince

Best in Class – “Freckles” – Soma Andrews

People’s Choice – “Wooden Spatula” –Caleb Whiting

People’s Choice – “I’m a Little Teapot” –Emma Smith

People’s Choice – “Hands” –Kristin Pluff

More to Come!

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