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"Best Of" The 2017 Fair

Congratulations Baking Dept & Agricultural Tent

Board Award: Baking

Board Award: Baking

Baking Department Superintendents Kris Brown & Kelley Unger, stand proud with their 2017 Fair Board Award Ribbon. Fair board members Jennifer Rigg and Brad Fincher congratulation them on a job well done--they even got kudos from the WA State Judge for their impressive display of entries!
Board Award: Agricultural Tent

Board Award: Agricultural Tent

Round of applause to the amazing coordinators (WSU Extension staff) of the 2017 Agricultural Tent. They embraced the theme "It's All the Buzz" with interactive displays and interesting demos/seminars. Well done!

Fair Photos (photos courtesy of Ted Strutz/Staff)

Best of Show & Special Awards 2017

2017 San Juan County Fair

“Best of” Awards Listing

The Bee’s Knees Awards (People’s Choice, Votes taken at Info Kiosks)

Most Creative Scarecrow: Chris Nelson

Most Traditional Scarecrow: Caitlin Blethen

Best Themed Scarecrow: Theresa Chevalier

Best Recycled Scarecrow: Missy Martin & Family

Most Creative Booth: Goat Barn

Best Food Vendor: PTO Pie Booth

Best Shopping Booth (A Tie!): LOEA Fair Shirt Booth & LulaRoe Julia Rose

Best Non-Profit Booth: San Juan Island Community Theatre

Tech Savior Award: Rock Island Communications


Textile Arts


Thursday (Tie): Po Powell for “Forest Friends Quilt” and Trish Lehman for “Shimmer Quilt”

Friday: Debbie Martinez for “Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt”

Saturday: Linda Coleman for “Home Sweet Home Quilt”

Best of Show QUILT: Carole Sjoholm

Best of Class Ribbon/2nd Best of Show QUILT: Linda Coleman

Best of Show NEEDLEPOINT: Karen Vedder

2nd Best of Show SEWING: Shelle Cropper

Mary Granger Memorial Award Quilt: Diana Stepita

Mary Granger Memorial Award: Sierra Fitts -- Pajamas

Superintendent’s Award: Laurie Lotta – Quilt

Superintendent’s Award: Cooky Gossom –Quilt

Honorable Mention: Julie Weaver – Quilted Wall Hanging

Honorable Mention: Trish Lehman – Quilt

Honorable Mention: Debbie Martin -- Quilt

Honorable Mention: Linda Coleman -- Quilt

Honorable Mention: Melinda Joy Larsen – Flower Skirt

Honorable Mention: Dizela Moore – Christmas Stocking

Honorable Mention: Jackie Scherer – Counted Cross Stitch

Honorable Mention: Lunette Hidgon Hertel – Men’s Shirt

Honorable Mention: Winnie Brumsickle – Gold Clutch Purse

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Pohlad – Needlepoint Pillow

Fiber Arts

Best in Show: Jason Munkres – Woven Rug “Rio Grande Windows”

Best in Class I: Hand Spinning; Linda Ahbel

Best in Class III: Hand Knitting – Commercial Yarns; Laura Evans

Best in Class VII: Crochet – Commercial Yarns; Robin Atkins

Best in Class VIII: Hand Weaving – Hand Spun Yarns: Linda Ahbel

Best in Class IX: Hand Weaving – Commercial Yarns: Jason Munkres

Best in Class X: Felting; Patti Barker

Best in Class XIV: Youth Division; Flora Compton for “Knitted Baby Hat”

Sally Bill Memorial Award: Linda Ahbel “Handspun Wrap and weft Scarf”

Judy Packard Knitting Award: Laura Evans “Hand Knit Yoke Pullover Sweater”

Judges Honorable Mention: Soliana H. “Handspun Yarn”

Judges Honorable Mention: Coral Wilson “ Decorative Shawl”

People’s Choice Wednesday: Coral Wilson “Octopus Hat”

People’s Choice Thursday (Tie): Sarah Ware “Hooded Baby ‘Minion’ Snuggy”

People’s Choice Thursday (Tie): Robin Atkins “Frida’s Flower Afghan”

People’s Choice Friday: Laura Evans “Hand Knit wedding ‘veil’/shawl”

People’s Choice Saturday: Elsie Jensen “Tumbling”


Apple Pie Award: Kelley Unger

Best of Class: Decorated Cakes – Hallie Hargrove

Best of Theme: Decorated Cakes – Christine Gabler-Minney

Best of Class: Cakes, Cupcakes, & Tortes – Roy McAllister

Best of Show: Adult Division – Roy McAllister

Best of Class: Youth Breakfast Breads – Oliver McEwen

Best of Show: Youth Division – Oliver McEwen

Best of Class: Youth Cookies – McKayla Forbes

Best of Class: Youth Cake, Cupcakes & Tortes – Gianna Moalli

Best of Class: Youth Candy – Asher Cullen

Blas of Class: Adult Cookies – Katie Bolte

Best of Class: Adult Healthy/Gluten Free – Anne Moon

Best of Class: Candy – Pam Fitch

Best of Class: Heritage Recipe – Mickey Van Citters

Best of Class: Yeast Breads – Jane Dill

Best of Class: Quick Breads – Care Marie Harper

Best of Class: Pie – Emily Carrington

Honorable Mention: Heritage Recipe – Audrey Stewart


Walter Clark Memorial Champion: Halter Horse—Hunter Buffum

English High Point Rosette 12 & Under: Isabella Douglas

English High Point Rosette 13-15: Huinter Buffum

English High Point Rosette 16 & Up: Gemma Richard

Western High Point Rosette 12 & Under: Katie Holmes

Western High Point Rosette 13-15: Hunter Buffum

Gaming High Point Rosette 12 & Under: Josh Kramer

Gaming High Point Rosette 13-15: Kaden Ritchie

Gaming High Point Rosette 16 & Up: Jade Cooper-Yockers
State Fair Qualifiers for Horse:

Senior Performance:

  • Martha Lum
  • Hunter Buffum
  • Miette Woolworth
  • Margot Van Gelder

Intermediate Performance:

  • Brittany Muir

Harness Senior

  • Hunter Buffum

Western Gaming:

  • Hunter Buffum (senior level)
  • Katelyn Minnis (senior level)
  • Brittany Muir (intermediate level)
  • Dylan Roberson (intermediate level)

Senior Dressage:

  • Hunter Buffum
  • Margot Van Gelder


Best in Show: Robert Stavers

People’s Choice: Tom Ashcraft

People’s Choice: Tom Ashcraft (2nd win)

People’s Choice: Dawne August

People’s Choice: Dawne August (2nd win)

People’s Choice: Forrest Blau

People’s Choice: BJ Brandli

People’s Choice: Gabe Canway

People’s Choice: Bill Evans

People’s Choice: Karen Meenan

People’s Choice: Rebecca Smith

Crafts & Industrial Arts

People’s Choice: Lloyd Thompson

People’s Choice: John Ridge

People’s Choice: Lance Hargis

People’s Choice: Kent Gale

Best in Show: Kent Gale

Best in Class: Charlie Sink

Best in Class: Peggy Long

Best in Class: George Kelly

Best in Class: Bob Halliday

Best in Class: David Pratt

Best in Class: Luc & Sallie Durette

Best in Class: Kent Gale

Best in Class: Kai Herko

Best in Class: Aaron Hayes

Special Award: Toni Shiurba

Special Award: Jean Shearer

Special Award: Nicholas Coldren

Special Award: Claire Wright

Rabbits & Cavy

Grand Champion Rabbit: Youth – Darien Tate

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Youth –Joe Stephens

Grand Champion Cavy: Youth –Eric Corbin

Grand Champion Rabbit: Bill Pongo

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Bill Pongo

Poultry and Eggs

Grand Champion Waterfowl: Bill Pongo

Reserve Grand Champion Waterfowl: Bill Pongo

Grand Champion: Large Fowl – Eleanor Rollins

Best of Class: Eleanor Rollins

Grand Champion: Bantam – Hanna Howard

Reserve Grand Champion: Bantam – Hanna Howard

Reserve Grand: Large Fowl – Kyra Kinnaman

Best of Show: Hanna Howard

Grand Champion: Youth Eggs – Zachary Carson

Grand Champion: Eggs – Liz Pillow

Reserve Grand Champion: Eggs – Adam Bates

Reserve Grand Champion: Eggs – Dean Kinnaman

Food Preservation

Judge’s Special Award: Roasted & Dehydrated Coffee – Cole Arendt

Judge’s Special Award: Dehydrated Apple – Austin Walsh

Best of Show: Pickled Red Cherry Peppers and Garlic -- Nick Herko

Best in Class: Applesauce – Carol Herbert

Best in Class: Pickled Asparagus – Guard Sundstrom

Best in Class: Apricot Ginger Jam – Theresa Dennis

Best in Class: Pickled Cherry Peppers – Nick Herko

Best in Class: Dehydrated, Roasted Coffee Beans – Cole Arendt

Best in Class: Dried Rosemary – Megan Jones

People’s Choice Awards Jam/Jelly Tasting Winners:

-Leslie Byron (triple berry jam)

-Darcey Martinez (pina colada jam)

-Doris Corbin (mixed berry jam)

-Larry Soll (pear raspberry jam)

-Ashley Sherlock (spiced blackberry seedless jam)

-Jennifer Pietsch (gooseberry chamomile jam)

-Nancy Best (gooseberry plum lime jam)

-Lyda Harris (blackberry jam)


Best of Class: Jennifer Pietsch

Best of Class: Sally Reeve

Grand Champion: Sally Reeve

Reserve Champion: Jennifer Pietsch

Best of Show: Sally Reeve

Fine Arts

Best in Show: Maria Michaelson

Best in Class Painting: Janice Blaylock

Best in Class Sculpture: Eben Shay

Best in Class Drawing: Rachel Goodremont

Best in Class Mixed Media: Adrian Kilpatrick

Best in Class Printmaking: Daniel Garner

Best in Class Digital Computer Art: Heather Robertson

Best in Class: Prof Painting -- Teresa Smith

Best in Class: Prof Sculpture – Maria Michaelson

Best in Class: Prof Printmaking – Anthony DiMichele

Special Youth Award: Ara Anderson

Special Judge’s Award: Joanne Raines

Special Judge’s Award: Trudy Dallas

Special Judge’s Award: Teresa Smith

Junior Arts & Crafts

Emerging Artist Award: Soma Andrews

Best in Class IX: Wren Shearer King

Best in Class VII: Ngozy Vergara-Schollmeyer

Best in Class V: Zade Patcheck

Best in Class XIII: Sacarro Valdez Vedder

Best in Class II: Isa Wagner

Best in Class VI: Trinity Cullen

Best in Class XIV: Aida Must

Best in Class XII: Becca Bryan

Best in Class X: Lyndsey Iverson

Best in Class IV: Courtney Forbes

Best in Class XI: Paige King

Best in Class III: Zoe Steele

Best in Show: Zoe Steele

Best in Class I: Eden Light

Best in Class VIII: Eden Light

People’s Choice: Soma Andrews

People’s Choice: Auden Garner

People’s Choice: Madison Miller

People’s Choice: Paige King

Honorable Mention: Lili Light

Honorable Mention: Lillianna Harrison


Overall Ewe: Eric Lum

Overall Ram: LeAnne Burt


Grand Champion: Tashi Litch

Grand Champion: Tashi Litch

Reserve Grand Champion: Betty Burt


Best in Show & Best in Class: Rich Komen & Michelle Payne

Best in Class: Sandra May

Best in Class: Peter Risser

Best in Class: Forrest Blau


Best in Class: Hagey the Orchard

Best in Class: Sofia Duke

Grains and Forage

Best of Class: Lum Farm

Best of Class: Lum Farm

Best of Show: Eli Bruce

Best of Class: Eli Bruce

Zucchini 500


1st Cammie Sink

2nd Nori, Lili & Coco

3rd Violet Espinoza Malone

Custom 0-5 Racers

1st Nori Carina

2nd Zack Hunter

3rd Lexy Hunter

Custom 6-12 Racers

1st Eve Hulse

2nd Ryder Hulse

3rd Rian McElrath

Custom 13-Infinity

1st Cammie Sink

2nd Charlie Sink

3rd Nash Nolan

Stock Racers---All Ages

1st Cindy Lunsinger

2nd Suzie LeFever

Z-500 Creativity Awards

1st Coho Hogan

2nd Eli Tillaman

3rd Mim & Lincoln Tillaman

August 17th, 2017 – Daily Awards

0-5 Custom Racers

1st Miriam Tilleman

2nd Sophia Lerner

6-12 Custom Racers

1st Eve Hulse

2nd Niko Salas

3rd Rian McElrath

13-Infinity Custom Racers

1st Cammie Sink

1st Adam Bates

3rd Andrew

Stock Racers-All Ages

1st Suzie LeFever

2nd Cindy Lonsinger

3rd Zack Hunter

August 18th, 2017 – Daily Awards

0-5 Custom Racers

1st Aubriana Rebhan

2nd Olsen Shoultz

3rd Isa Wagner

13-Infinity Custom Racers

1st Adam Bates

2nd Deb Dirienzo

3rd Cammie Sink

Stock Racers-All Ages

1st Suzie Lefever

2nd Mark Howard

3rd Mike Buetell

August 19th, 2017 – Daily Awards


1st Mark Howard

2nd Violet Espinoza Malone

3rd Sidney Herda

0-5 Custom Racers

1st Clark Allen

2nd Hazael Embler

6-12 Custom Racers

1st Rian McElrath

2nd Fin Schemmel

3rd Henry Pope

13-Infinity Custom Racers

1st Adam Bates

2nd Mike Buetell

3rd Nash Nolan

Stock Racers – All Ages

1st Suzie LeFever

2nd Cindy Lonsinger

3rd Mark Howard

More listings to come as the awards are tallied!!

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