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Junior Arts and Crafts

Junior Arts & Crafts


Chanda Stone


Jim Crook Building



Red $3

White Ribbon only

Special Award:

“Emerging Artist Award”

for 15 year old exhibitors. $25 in each category

These awards are given each year to young adults for whom this is their last year in Junior Arts and Crafts. This work can also be judged in its regular class.

1. Flat art (painting, drawing, etching, etc.)

2. 3-D art (textiles, sculpture, etc.)

Ages 16 and up should exhibit in Fine Arts or Crafts/Woodworking in the main building.

Children from 1– 5 years will NOT be judged. Entries are for exhibit only.


1. Limit ONE ENTRY per class and TWO ENTRIES per exhibitor for entire department.

2. Write your name on the back of your art if possible and include your age on the exhibitor tag.

3. Flat art can be framed or unframed. Framed art must have a strong wire or hanging device on the back for hanging on pegboard. Unframed wall art will be tacked to the wall with push pins and/or tacky tape unless another method of hanging is provided.

4. 3-D artists (including Legos), be sure your work is stable for safe display. (It will be touched.)

5. Poetry and writing should be entered in the Written Word department.

6. Age Categories:

1 - 5years

6 - 15 years

7. Digital art includes any still image produced on a computer using any software. Enter a good quality print of your work.

8. Animators: Please submit a DVD of your work in MPEG or FLI/FLC format that will play in Quicktime. One entry per person. TO BE JUDGED, ANIMATION ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOON. No exceptions.

Class I: Paintings and Drawings

Class II: Prints

Class III: Sculpture (wood, paper mache, metal, other)

Class IV: Mosaics

Class V: Clay or Ceramics

Class VI: Jewelry

Class VII: Textile and Fiber Arts, including Books

Class VIII: Nature Craft, Recycled Art, Collage

Class IX: Mobiles, Wind-chimes, Musical Instruments

Class X: Toys (including Legos), Puppets and Dolls, please see 3-D rules above.

Class XI: Candles

Class XII: Collections

Class XIII: Group Art

Class XIV: Digital Art (still art prints only)

Class XV: Animation (digital or traditional), VHS or DVD entries only; MUST be entered by noon.

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