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Superintendent: TBD. Open class participants must contact superintendent by July 31st to ensure space availability.

Location: Goat Barn



Red$ 6

White $ 4


Upon registration, please specify which breed-like characteristics your grade goats possess, (e.g. Class II Grade Sannen like).

Class I: Grade Goats

Class II: Sannen

Class III: Nubian

Class IV: Alpine

Class V: Toggenburg

Class VI: LaMancha

Class VII: Angora

Class VIII: Pygmy

Class IX: Boer

Class X:Kiko

Class XI:Pygora


1. Buck kids less than 1 year

2. Doe kids less than 1 year

3. Dry yearling less than 2 years

4. Milking yearling less than 2 years

5. Doe over 2 years

6. Wether

7. Trio - 3 goats from same herd

8. Best udder

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