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Online Fair Entries

Thank you for participating in our "2020: A Fair Odyssey" Virtual Fair! Submit photos or videos of your entries in the form below from July 1 through August 1, 2020. Please note that some departments have early entry deadlines (i.e. Island Writers, Grains & Forage Plants). See department listings below for information on deadlines, classes, lots & rules.

If you have questions, please contact the office at: 360.378.4310 or info@sjcfair.org

Please complete the form below and click blue SUBMIT button at the bottom of form.

Exhibitor Info

Youth or Adult Exhibitor? Are you 17 years or older?

Entry Info

Baking Entries: I want my item to be eligible for Best of Class, Best of Show & Special Awards

EX. Class I, Lot II - Dept Rules & Info below
EX. "Photo of Jackson's Beach at Sunset"; "Bunny"
Upload a photo of your entry
Second photo of exhibit if needed Add file here
3rd photo of exhibit if needed

Terms & Conditions


  1. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE AT WWW.SJCFAIR.ORG/ONLINEENTRY BETWEEN JULY 1, 2020 AND AUGUST 1, 2020. Certain departments i.e. Island Writers and Horse may have special entry deadlines. Please check with your department superintendent or check with the Fair Office by emailing info@sjcfair.org or calling 360-378-4310 for additional information.
  2. Age of exhibitor is determined as of January 1st of current year (4H participants' age is determined by October 1st of current 4H year). Unless otherwise noted youth open exhibitors will be classified as 16 years and under and adults as 17 years and older.
  3. Only San Juan County residents, including summer residents, are eligible to enter exhibits at the Fair.
  4. Exhibitors will, at all times, give the necessary and personal attention to whatever they may have on exhibition. The Fair Board will take reasonable precaution, but will not be responsible for loss or damage for any reason.
  5. The Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations, determine all matters, questions and controversies thereto, or otherwise arising out of, or in connection with the Fair.
  6. The Fair Board reserves the right to accept or reject entries for any reason.
  7. Any exhibit entered, and listed in this premium book, shall be classified. Premiums and ribbons will be awarded by Fair management if the exhibit is judged to merit such ribbons. No crossover exhibits allowed: i.e. you may not enter 4-H and Open Class with the same exhibit.
  8. The Fair Board reserves the right to determine entry fees on any or all exhibits through common publication two weeks prior to the Fair.
  9. No prize shall be given for any article that has been exhibited at any previous fair, except livestock.
  10. All premium checks will be mailed approximately 4-6 weeks after the Fair. Entry forms without complete mailingaddresses will not receive premium money. PLEASE CASH YOUR CHECKS IMMEDIATELY. CHECKS WILL BE VOID AFTER 90 DAYS FROM DATE OF ISSUE. The Fair Board will gratefully accept donation of your premium money to help support future fairs, please check the designated box on entry forms if you wish to donate.
  11. Any errors in records or premiums will be subject to correction when sufficient proof is furnished and error is reported before October 1, 2020.
  12. ADVERTISING RESTRICTIONS: No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter upon the grounds or online, except from their place of business, booth space or coordinated through Fair Staff as a specific sponsorship or online advertising. The taking or posting of any advertisement, bills, etc., other than within the space occupied by exhibits is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this rule is liable for a fine or expulsion from the fair.
  13. Animals will not be hosted onsite for the 2020 San Juan County Fair.


1. No person may act as judge in any division or class in which there is any direct or indirect interest in the result. If such judging and if awards are made in violation of this rule, the Fair Board reserves the right to revoke the awards made and appoint a new judge and to compel another examination.

2. No one other than the department superintendent is allowed to confer with the judge during a contest.

3. Any person interfering with the judging during the adjudication of the awards will forfeit all rights to any ribbons and/or premium money which may have been awarded.

4. In case of a protest, a written statement clearly setting forth the reasons for the protest must be filed with the San Juan County Fair Board within 24 hours of judging.

5. No exhibitor or judge will be allowed to see the entry books until after the awards have been made and entered therein, and thereafter no change, addition or deletion will be permitted.

6. Only animals or articles entitled to premiums as listed in this premium book will be judged although judges may commend other exhibits which they deem worthy.


1. Open class exhibitors for livestock/pets may upload photos or videos at www.sjcfair.org/onlineentry.

2. Market classes cannot double for breeding classes or vice versa, except in flock entries.

3. Competition for championship is limited to first prize entries in the different lots of the same classes. Judge reserves the right to place animals according to merit.

4. Cattle with horns are permitted for entry with Open Class exhibitors 18 and up..

5. All animals exhibited must meet health requirements as listed below:

a. Washington livestock requires no vaccination or test for entry.

b. Individual health certificates are not required for entry.

c. No animals from any quarantined premises will be permitted to enter the Fair.


7. Poultry entries, please check the Washington State Website

http://www.leg.wa.gov/wac/ and check for WAC 16-54-145 and 16-59-030. Exhibitors may have to sign a waiver stating that they are not in violation of these WACs.

8. Out of state animal entries must comply with state of Washington import regulations.

I will comply with Fair Rules & Regulations
I agree to the following Fair Rules & Regulations  

I, hereby grant permission to the San Juan County Fair, rights of my uploaded photo for the purposes of exhibit entry in the 2020 San Juan County Fair, in video or still, or audio recording without payment or any other consideration. I understand that my uploaded photo may be edited (ex. file size may be reduced), copied, exhibited, published, or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my uploaded photo/video exhibit appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording. I also understand that this material may be used in diverse educational settings within an unrestricted geographic area.

For *Photos of minor children* being uploaded as part of a Fair exhibit/online entry: I, am the parent or legal guardian of minor pictured in photo or video submission, and hereby grant the San Juan County Fairgrounds my permission to use the photographs or videos submitted for any legal use including by not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content.

I understand this permission signifies that photographs or video recordings of my San Juan County Fair exhibit/online entry may be electronically displayed via the internet or in a public educational setting. I will be consulted about the use of the photographs, video or sound recording for any purpose other than the San Juan County Virtual Fair.

Photo / Video / Audio Release
Entering more than one exhibit in the 2020 San Juan County Fair? Please go to www.sjcfair.org/onlineentry and complete a form for each separate exhibit. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through our "fair odyssey" this year! Thank you for participating in Fair!


Baking (S)
Co-Superintendents: Kristine Brown & Kelley Unger

Click here for Open Class Baking Rules & Info

Beer & Wine

Beer & Wine (R)
Superintendent: Pete Rose

Click here for Open Class Beer & Wine Rules

Crafts & Industrial Arts

Crafts & Industrial Arts (UU)
Superintendent: Beth Haynes

Click here for Open Class Crafts & Industrial Arts Rules & Info

Fiber Arts

Fine Arts

Fine Arts (U)
Superintendents: Marsha McAllister & Doug DeMeerler

Click here for Open Class Fine Arts Rules & Info
Click here to view Fine Arts entries


Fleece (F)
Superintendent: Fair Staff
Click here for Open Class Fleece Rules & Info


Superintendents: Fiona Norris 360-317-6237 & Kristy Briggs 425-941-1772
Click here for Open Class Flowers Rules & Info

Food Preservation

Food Preservation (Q)
Superintendent: Minnie Knych

Click here for Open Class Food Preservation Rules & Info


Grains & Forage Plants

Grains & Forage Plants (O)
Superintendent Angie Shephard
Click here for Open Class Grains & Forage Rules & Info

Island Writers

Island Writers (Z)
Superintendent: Boyd Pratt
Click here for Open Class Island Writers Rules & Info

Junior Arts & Crafts

Junior Arts & Crafts (V)
Superintendent: Fair Staff
Click here for Open Class Junior Arts & Crafts Rules & Info

Livestock & Pets

Livestock & Pets
Superintendent: Jennifer Rigg

Click here for Open Class Livestock & Pets Rules & Info


Co-Superintendents: Miles Crossen and Thomas Ashcraft
Click here for Open Class Photography Rules & Info

Click here to view Photography entries

Scarecrow Contest

Scarecrow Contest
Superintendent: Fair Staff

Click here for Scarecrow Contest Rules & Info

Textile Arts

Textile Arts (T)
Superintendents: Krispi Staude, Christy Hinkle

Click here for Open Class Textile Arts Rules & Info
Click here to view Textile Arts entries

Trashion Fashion

Trashion Fashion
Superintendent: Fair Office Staff and Nikyta Palmisani
of www.lopezsolidwaste.org
Click here for Trashion Fashion Contest Rules & Info

Trash to Treasure


Zucchini 500

Zucchini 500 (P)
Superintendents: Lynnette Cabrera & Scott Bell

Click here for Open Class Zucchini 500 Rules & Info
Click here to view Zucchini 500 entries

Information for Video Entries

We are accepting video entries this year! If you are unfamiliar with YouTube, watch this video to find out how to set up a YouTube account and upload videos from a computer or smartphone. Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, enter the URL address in the online entry form above.
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