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"Best of" 2019 Fair

2019 Fair Board Award

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The 2019 Fair Board Award was given to the Fruits & Vegetables Departments. Thank you to Mo Sloane & Lenore Bayuk and all your department volunteers!

2019 People's Choice: "Ewe Raised the Baa" Award

Most Creative Booth Display: Uppities by Vic's
Best Food Booth: FHES PTO Pie Booth
Best Shopping Booth: Loea
Best Non-Profit Booth: Prevention Coalition
Most Creative Scarecrow: Susie Swimmer by Sierra Fitts
Best Themed Scarecrow: Skatecrow by Bryan Smith

2019 San Juan County Fair “Best of” awards listing in order by department.

Best of Class 1 Youth Cookie: Lena Wheeler
Best of Class 2 Youth Cakes: Zea Angevine
Best of Class 3 Youth Decorated Cake: Paige Walsh
Best of Class 6 Youth Breakfast Bread: Lena Wheeler
Best of Class 8 Youth Candy: Malachi Cullen
Best of Class 9 Youth Healthful: Zalee Schemmel
Best of Show Youth: Lena Wheeler
Best of Class X Heritage: Nancy Heacox
Best of Class IX Healthy and Gluten Free: Jayna Ott
Best of Class VIII Candy: Carrie Brook
Best of Class VII Pie: Tara Cullen
Best of Class VI Breakfast Breads: Becky Pohlad
Best of Class V Quick Breads: Ted Soares
Best of Class IV Yeast Breads: Bonnie Sliger
Best of Class III Decorated Cakes: Sam and Clayton Banry and Katie Meyers
Best of Class II Cakes and Tortes: Jennifer Boyden
Best of Class I Cookies: Jon Holbrook
Special Award Cookies: Donna DePamphilis
Best of Show Adult: Ted Soares
Best Apple Pie: Eric Munkres
Award of Merit- Most Deceptive Design: Michelle Carson
Award of Merit- Best of Fair Theme: Hallie Hargrove
Youth Award of Merit- Best Fair Theme: Elizabeth Walsh
Special Award- Best Chocolate Chip Cookie: Robin Taylor, Youth

Beer & Wine:
Jim Dunn - Beer, Best of Class, Special Award
Kim Howard - Cider, Best of Class
Jon Holbrook - Wine, Best of Class, Special Award

Crafts & Industrial Arts:
Detlef Wieck - Best in Show
Elise Jensen - Best in Class
C. Carter - Best in Class
Jane Gerhardstein - Best in Class
Tom Barrett - Best in Class
Dorothy Herron - Best in Class
Jane Gerhardstein - Best in Class
Stephen Dyer - Best in Class
Jim Goetz - Special Award
Cady Davies - Special Award
Coral Wilson - Special Award
Brooks Munro - People's Choice
Mark Forselius - People's Choice
Bobby Warren - People's Choice
Jesse Berube - People's Choice


Fiber Arts:
Hillary Goulter - Best in Show, crocheted pillow cover
Dorothy Ives - Best in Class I: Hand Spinning, pol-worth/silk hand-spun yarn
Dorothy Ives - Best in Class II: Hand Knitting (hand-spun yarn) knitted hat, mitten, cowl set
Margaret Hope - Best in Class III: Hand Knitting (commercial yarns) knitted patterned socks
Hillary Goulter - Best in Class VII: Crochet (commercial yarns) crocheted pillow cover
Ruth Van Doren - Best in Class VIII: Hand Weaving (hand spun yarns) "Madrone" tapestry
Jason Munkres - Best in Class IX: Hand Weaving (commercial yarns) Krokbragd rug
Jennifer Smith - Best in Class X: Felting - Jennifer Smith, Nizoytsev's Mermaid panel
Ruth Van Doren - Best in Class XI: Misc. Fiber Techniques, hand-stitched woven book
Nancy Lind - Best in Class XII: Basketry, Tempestry Basket
Joy Day - Best in Class - XIII: Special Project - Designed from Beginning to End, Ribbon Tatted Bouquet
Ada Greene - Best in Class XIV: Youth Division, Indigo-dyed yarn skein
Dorothy Ives - Sally Bill Memorial Award, Pumpkin Wine "Where with All" knitted vest
Dorothy Ives - Judy Packard Knitting Award, Red/turquoise "Where with All" knitted dog vest
Kate Balmer - Judge's Honorable Mention, knitted off-white shawl
Lunette Higdon-Hertel - Judge's Honorable Mention, knitted blue shawl
Jamie McCanless - People's Choice Wednesday, set 6 tiny knitted socks
Patti Barker - People's Choice Thursday, felted jellyfish coat
Nate Hertel & Libby Concord - People's Choice Friday, crocheted Star Wars mobile
Katherine Dahlberg - People's Choice Saturday - knitted white lace shawl

Fine Arts:
Special Youth Award: Soma Andrews
NP Best of Class Drawing: Ara Anderson
NP Best of Class Painting: David Nichels
NP Best of Class Sculpture: Natalia Lawrence
NP Beat of Class Mixed media: Mary Ray
NP Best of Class Printmaking: Chelsy Gollen
P Best of Class Painting: Debbie Daniels
P best of Class Sculpture:Maria Michaelson
P Best of Class Printmaking: Anthony Di Michelle
NP Best in Show: David Nichols
P Best in Show: Maria Michaelson

Susan + David Corbin: Reserve Champion Colored Fleece
Molly Bill: Grand Champion White Fleece, Best in Show
Sally Reeve: Grand Champion Clored Fleece
Oak Knoll Farm: Reserve Champion White Fleece
Elizabeth Shepard: Best of Class Youth
Jennifer Pietsch: Best of Class Alpaca

Kristy Briggs - Best in Show Leycesteria
Kim Seiler- Bell - Best in Show Flower Arrangements, Artistic Merit
Sequoia Blair - Best in Show Youth
Kristy Briggs - Best in Class Perennial
Margaret Thorson - Best in Class Annual
Kristy Briggs - Best in Class Roses
Donna Alexander - Best in Class Gladiolas
Mike Griffin - Best in Class Lily
Joyce Ragsdale - Best in Class Shrub
Lindsay Holloway - Best in Class Perennial
Margaret Thorson - Best in Class Everlasting Flower/Shrub
Chelsey Knowles - Best in Class Dahlia
Kim Seiler Bell - Best in Class Arrangement
Maria Sobinski - Best in Class Miniature Arrangement
Christina Griffo - Best in Class Succulents
Mike Griffin - People's Choice Lily
Susie LeFever - People's Choice Rose

Food Preservation:
Best of Show: Guard Sundstrom for Canned Asparagus
Judges Special Award: Dave Honeywell for Freeze Dried Skittles
Judges Special Award: Beth Helstein for Vinegar
People's Choice: Kim Sundstrom- Raspberry Jam
People's Choice: Merry-Ann Keane- Mango-Raspberry Jam
People's Choice: Debbie Daniels- Current Jam
People's Choice: Heidi Mathiesen- Apricot-Ginger Jam
People's Choice: Dawne August- Pear-Vanilla Preserves
People's Choice: Merry-Ann Keane- Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
People's Choice: Beth Drake- Pineapple Jam
Best in Class Vegetables: Guard Sundstrom
Best in Class Jams and Jellies: Heidi Mathiesen
Best in Class Vinegars: Ed Rouleau
Best in Class Dried Food: Tara Wilding

Nina Kaiser: Best of Class #4, Blackberries
Juan and Heidi Lopez: Best of Class #15, Red Bartlett Pears
Beth Spaulding: Best of Show, Class #3, Apricots

Colby Willis- Grand Champion
Siena Traynor- Grand Champion
Lum Farm- 2 Grand Champion, 2 Reserve Champion

Grains & Forage:
Bruce Gregory - Best of Class, Special Award - Hay
David Kane - Best of Class, Best in Show - Sheaf of Grain
David Kane - Best of Class - Grain


Island Writers:

Junior Arts & Crafts:
Best In Show Islay Ross
Emerging Artist Elliot Arendt
Emerging Artist Amelia Mc Clure
Honorable Mentions: Aurelia Goodremont; Emerald Hurley; Dawson Crabbe; Win Crabbe; Bella Netherton; Zea Augevine; Eleanor Gislason
Best In Class:
Class I Islay Ross
Class II Shaw Sandstrom
Class III Maddie Miller
Class IV Sydney Quigley
Class V Ziya Johnson
Class VI Azela Ross
Class VII Eleanor Gislason
Class VIII Melina Larson
Class IX Nikayla Nibbler
Class X Nick Taylor
Class XII Timothy Inman
Class XIII Jason Dicr and Louise Frymire (group art)
Class XIV Auden Garner

Wendy Wood - 1st Place & Best in Class in Children
James Mead Maya - Best in Class in Nature/Wildlife
Paige Walsh - 1st Place & Best in Class Youth in Pets & Farm Animals
Thomas Ashcraft - People's Choice in Still Life
Nicole Brunette - People's Choice in Nature/Wildlife
Dawne August - People's Choice in Nature/Wildlife
Tom Eades - Honorable Mention in General Class
Ashley Johnson - Honorable Mention in General Class
Bryan Johnson - Honorable Mention in Travel
Ananda Khokha - Honorable Mention in Portrait
Allison Moalli - Honorable Mention in Pets & Farm Animals
Brad Pillow - Honorable Mention in General Class
Gary Poulos - Honorable Mention in Creative Images
Ron Pritchard - Honorable Mention in General Class
Pat Reveles - Honorable Mention in Flowers or Other Macro
Jack Riley - Honorable Mention in Nature/Wildlife
Cammie Sink - Honorable Mention in Competitive Exhibitor Section, General Class
Marcia Walters - Honorable Mention in Nature/Wildlife
Jenny Wangoe - Honorable Mention in Competitive Exhibitor Section, Travel Class
Zoe Wegemer - Honorable Mention in Teen Exhibitor Section, Nature/Wildlife Class

Poultry & Eggs
Best in Show-Poultry- Michael Goddard + "Carolina"
Grand Champion-Large Fowl- Michael Goddard
Grand Champion-Bantam- Kalea Wilgress
Grand Champion-Waterfowl- Piper Taylor
Grand Champion-Turkey- Jim Tarte
Grand Champion-Eggs- Rita Miller
Reserve Champion-Eggs-Janay Geiser
Special Award-Eggs- Chelsea Muster
Grand Champion-Poultry Display- Alex Forgie
Chicken Race 1st- Fallon Taylor + "Blue"
Chicken Race 2nd- Amelia Smith + "Speckles"
Chicken Race 3rd- Anna Noel + "Hero"
Burrell Osburn Memorial Award- Jim Tarte
Kristina Thalacker-Ewina Memorial Award- Lucy Tarte
Becky Knowles Memorial Award- Best Hen- Regan Taylor + "Buffy"

Rabbits / Cavy: No entries in 2019

Rachel Starr- Blue- Gut over 6mo
Stella Parsons- Blue- Feeder Hog

Best of Show: Robin Atkins- My Favorite Things Quilt Panels
Best of Show: Joy Day- Up the Water Spout Costume
2nd Best of Show: Carol Strum- 1876 Quilt
2nd Best of Show: Robin Blair- Scottish Doll Ensemble
People's Choice Wednesday: Deb Eshelman
People's Choice Thursday: Carol Strum
People's Choice Friday: Marj Stanley
People's Choice Saturday: Robin Atkins

Trash to Treasures:

Forrest Blau: Best of Class #24, Largest Vegetable
Rich Komen: Best in Show, Class #12, Onions and Garlic
Dorothy Kinzee: Best of Class #5, Cauliflower
Grace Eltinge: Best of Class, Youth

Zucchini 500:

More listings to come as the awards are tallied!!

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