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Apply - Fundraising Opportunities

Fund-raise: August 17th-20th

Throughout the year, especially during Fair week, we always welcome opportunities to work with our community. Some organizations and groups have been a part of the Fair as long we can remember! Are you looking forward to make/raise money in 2022? These are the following fields of involvement we offer to our community for the week of Fair. Please inquire by email,
  • Parking Lot Tenants - Work the Argyle Parking Lot for a day
  • Gate Keepers - Help track "gate flow" Foot traffic, ticket checks, share information, ADA parking assistance
  • Ticket Booths - Ticket Sales
  • Trash & Recycle - Assist in keeping the grounds clean and educate patrons
  • Educational Demonstrations - Does your group have thing to share with the community, or want to spark interest?
  • Daily BBQ/Food Service Fundraiser - Serve up a special dish one day only
  • Special Event with in the Fair - Have a fun idea, game or activity?
Here are some of the groups we have worked with:
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