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San Juan County Fair Minecraft!

Everything you need to know to play

How to Play?
If you don't already own Minecraft, head over to Here you can purchase a copy of the game to play on. (Note: The server is accessible on ALL modern platforms, however, we recommend the server is played on Java Edition)

Download the Installer
To download Minecraft on your computer, go to the website for your respective operating system:

Apple (MacOS):



To download Minecraft on any other platform, follow instructions on:

Install Minecraft (PC Only)
Once you’ve downloaded the Minecraft installer, run the installer, and download the game.

Login to Minecraft and join the server!

PC Only
After you’ve installed Minecraft, log in to the launcher with your account details.

To join the server, first launch Minecraft in 1.15.2 or Latest Version (Currently 1.17.1)

Next, click on the multiplayer tab in your Minecraft game.

Select Direct Connect at the bottom of your screen and enter this IP address:

Console + Windows 10 Edition

After you've downloaded Minecraft, start the game, and log in with your Microsoft account (required to join the server)

To join the server, first, click on the play button, and then navigate over to the Servers tab.

Next, click on Add Server at the bottom of the server menu.

Enter the server details listed below, and once finished click on the play button.

Server Name: SJC Fair

Server Address:

Port: 29657

Play Time

The server will be open from August 16th till August 31st. The server will be accessible daily by everyone from 2:00pm until 9:00pm, we hope to see you all there!

Minecraft official resources for downloading the game and accessing online servers


The server is expected to remain a family-friendly environment, suitable for all ages.

A special thank you to Dylan Allen for making our virtual fair dreams come true!

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