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Crafts & Industrial Arts

Crafts & Industrial Arts


Superintendent: Beth Haynes

Awards: Daily People's Choice Award


1. Entrants must be 16 years or older.

2. Entrants for the Young Adult Division (16 to 21 years) are solely responsible for noting their age (ex. Youth or Adult) on the Entry form

3. Exhibitor Categories should be noted on exhibitor forms: Adult Artists 17 years and above; Adult artists with exceptional needs 17 years and above; Youth artists 16 and younger; Youth artists with exceptional needs 16 and younger. (Youth Crafts can also be entered in the Junior Arts & Crafts Department).4. A total of four entries per crafter will be accepted. Exhibits LARGER than 16” x 20” and over 30lbs are limited to ONE per exhibitor.

5. All entries must be the original work of the crafter.

6. Any exhibit deemed unworthy will not be accepted or judged. Decision of the Superintendent is final.

7. An optional description may accompany the Fair Entry online providing specific detailed information about the entry for the judge’s consideration.

8. Entrants for the Professional Division (crafters who regularly sell their work or teach crafts) are solely responsible for noting "P" on the Entry form, and the Exhibit Ticket to be attaches to the exhibit.

  • CLASS I: Woodworking
    Lots: A. Turning
    B. Hand Carving and Whittling
    1. Three-dimensional
    2. Bas Relief
    3. Intarsia
    C. Cabinet Work
    1. Plain
    2. Inlaid and/or Lamination
    D. Furniture
    1. Chairs, tables, etc.
    2. Boxes and chests
    E. Other; Wood-burning, toys, marine, musical instruments, housewares, implements, etc.
    F. Kits
  • CLASS II: Metalworking
    Lots: A. Small Metal Work
    1. Hand Tools
    2. Boxes or trays
    3. Small lathe
    4. Decorative Household
    5. Functional Household
    6. Other (please describe)
    B. Medium to Large Metal Work
  • CLASS III: Jewelry
    Lots: A. Metal
    B. Bead (please note if beads are made by exhibitor)
    C. Leather
    D. Lapidary
    E. Polymer
    F. Glass
    G. Other (please describe)
  • CLASS IV: Basketry
    Lots: A. Hand-built
    B. Thrown
    C. Mold
    D. Other (please describe)
  • CLASS V: Glass Craft
    Lots: A. Stained
    B. Etched
    C. Fused
    D. Blown
    E. Other
CLASS VI: Ceramics/Pottery
A. Stained
B. Etched
C. Fused
D. Blown
E. Other (Please describe)
  • CLASS VII: Mosaics Made of glass, ceramic tile, seeds, rocks or combination of materials. (Please describe)
  • CLASS VIII: Dolls Lots: A. Porcelain B. Cloth C. Other (please describe)
  • CLASS IX: Decorative or Tole Painting
    Lots: A. On wood
    B. On metal
    C. Other (please describe)
  • CLASS X: Other Crafts
    Lots: A. Gourds
    B. Shells
    C. Miniatures
    D. Models
    E. Native American
    F. Patriotic
    G. Other (please describe)
  • Note: "Lettuce Entertain Ewe" will be accepted in all classes.
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