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Grains & Forage Plants

Superintendent: Angie Shephard 360-622-5143

San Juan County Fair will pay for testing in Class III and Class IV for first 3 entries. To arrange testing contact Angie Shephard 360-622-5143 to borrow forage probe and get sample shipped.

Entries for classes III & IV must be received by July 20, 2021 for testing.


1. All sheaves of grain shall be three inches in diameter at the middle tie. Heads should be pulled down around the outside so as to form a cone shaped head on the sheaf. The leaves are removed and bottoms cut off square.

2. Vetch and peas should be bound to a stick to keep them straight. Hay should be one flake, tied and free from disease and insects.

3. Grain and seed must be of one variety: free from weeds, chaff and dirt, yet untreated.

Class I: Sheaves of Grain
1. Barley
2. Oats
3. Wheat
4. Rye
5. Other

Class II: Grain and Seed
1. Barley
2. Oats
3. Wheat
a. Spring
b. Winter
4. Rye
5. Corn
6. Peas
7. Other

Class III: Hay - One Flake
1. Fescue
a. Red
b. White
3. Alfalfa
4. Orchard
5. Timothy
6. Trefoil
7. Other

Class IV: Haylage - Photo and test results

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