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Junior Arts and Crafts

Junior Arts & Crafts (V)

Superintendents: TBD

Awards: People Choice Ribbons will be awarded daily

Ages 16 and up should exhibit in Fine Arts or Crafts/Woodworking.

Children from 1– 5 years will NOT be judged. Entries are for exhibit only.


1. Limit TWO ENTRIES per exhibitor for entire department.

2. Poetry and writing should be entered in the Island Writers department.

3. Age Categories:

1 - 5years

6 - 15 years

Class: Flat Art (FA)

Lot I: Paintings (Acrylic, Watercolor, Tempera & Oils)

Lot II: Drawings & Sketches

Lot III: Prints and Stamps (Hand cut stamps and anything made by stamping color onto some other form of materials)

Lot IV: Digital Art (anything made with a computer program)

Lot V: Photography

Class: 3-D Art (3D)

Lot I: Collage or Books

Lot II: Sculptures (wood, Paper mache, metal, other)

Lot III: Mosaics, Clay and Ceramics

Lot IV: Nature Crafts or Recycled Art

Lot V: Legos, Kid K’nex, Erector sets

Lot VI: Dolls and Puppets

Lot VII: Musical Instruments

Lot VIII: Mobiles and Wind Chimes

Lot IX: Textile and Fiber Arts

Lot X: Jewelry

Lot XII: Candles

Lot XIII: Collections (presented in an artful

Lot XIV: Group Art (anything made by 2 or more people)

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