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Vegetables Entries 2021

PEOPLE'S CHOICE 2021 (As Voted by YOU Online every day!)

Wednesday: Class I "I've Got the Beet", Class VI "Rare Acorn Yellow Squash"
Thursday: Class I "I've Got the Beet"
Friday: Class I "I've Got the Beet"
Saturday: Class I "I've Got the Beet"
The Judges have spoken! Ribbon Awards listed at bottom of page.

Class I: Picture of You with Your Proudest Veggie

"I've Got the Beet"

"I've Got the Beet"

Exhibitor. C. Balcomb-Bartok (Friday Harbor)
This is a rainbow beet

Class III: Garden/Structures You’ve Created

Brown Family Garden (Lot II)

We're learning more and more each year and are already planning how we'll make next year's garden better: plant earlier, space differently, get different variety of broccoli, do more succession planting so we aren't overwhelmed with lettuce, etc. 

Class V: Most Creative Garden Project this Year

Class VI: Biggest/Oddest Shaped Veggie

"Big Leek"

"Big Leek"

Exhibitor: S. Simpson (Friday Harbor)
This leek was planted before Covid and survived the winter in our hoop house after being transplanted.
"Rare Acorn Yellow Squash"

"Rare Acorn Yellow Squash"

Exhibitor: D. Ray (Eastsound)
I took seeds from regular green acorn squash and a seed from yellow zucchini and planted them in the same container as an afterthought. Thanks to all the Bee activity, I seem to have grown a yellow acorn squash?


Exhibitor: C. Balcomb-Bartok (Friday Harbor)
I like to grow one large zucchini each year to see how big I can get it.

Class I, Youth
Blue Ribbon: "I Got The Beet"
Class III, Lot 2
Blue Ribbon: "Brown Family Garden"
Class V
Blue Ribbon: "Garden Expansion Project"
Class VI, Youth
Blue Ribbon: "Zucchini"
Class VI
Blue Ribbon: "Big Leek"
Red Ribbon: "Rare Yellow Acorn Squash?"

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