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How to Enter in the Fair

Entry Day

Entry Day is one day only, the Tuesday before opening day. For 2018, this date is August 14th. The Fairgrounds will be excepting exhibit entries from 9am-6pm .

Please come prepared with completed entry tags and entry forms--ONE form per department-- (available at local libraries or the Fair Office) or as much information about your exhibit if you have questions upon arrival. If you have specific questions prior to entry, contact the superintendent.

Bring your exhibit(s) to designated department and check-in with the department superintendent. Don't forget you claim stub from your exhibit as this gets you discounted admission to the Fair. Youth exhibitors, age 5-16 will be sponsored this year and will receive a free season pass for the Fair--bring claim stub to main gate to obtain pass.

Entering an Animal?

If you are interested in entering and animal and are not part of a San Juan County 4-H club (4-Hers visit your page) please visit your entry section in the online premium book for details.

All animals must go through a specific vet check upon arrival to Fairgrounds on entry day. The Fairgrounds has one veterinarian checking on various departments throughout the day, please wait to unload your animal until it has been inspected. Thank you for your patience!

Have a question? Call the Fair Office (360) 378-4310.

Entering your Horse?

Visit our helpful page on Horse Registration here.


Judging for still-life (non-animal) takes place Tuesday evening. Be sure to swing by your exhibit and see if you won a special ribbon.

Pick-Up Day

Pick-up Day is always the Sunday after Fair, from 9am to Noon. This year, it will be August 19th. Please plan accordingly to pick up your exhibit OR plan to have someone else pick it up. Please bring your claim stub. The Fair is not responsible for any exhibits left behind.
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