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About the Artist

Rosalie Howarth is a long-time resident of San Juan Island. She grew up in Seattle and majored in art at the University of Washington and Washington State University. Upon graduation she established a successful practice in the Seattle area; primarily painting murals in private residences and doing commissioned oils.

You may be familiar with the townscape mural of Friday Harbor, circa 1980, filling an interior wall at the Chicago Title office, or her prize winning painting of the Island Marble Butterfly, from the National Park contest a few years back. Rosalie continues to work on a series of the old farms & houses that we all enjoy seeing so much as we travel about the Island. One can be found behind the check in desk at Jerry Wickman’s office.

While not primarily a graphic artist, Rosalie was amused by the Fair’s theme based on the number 22. In British Bingo parlance when the caller draws a 22, they will call ‘two little ducks’, and participants reply ‘quack, quack’! How appropriate for the return to Fair in 2022, 22 looks like two little ducks swimming!! Her bingo card-themed poster quickly took shape.

Rosalie and her husband Tom, together, have run Edencare Landscape Company for the past thirty years. Rosalie has always enjoyed and proven adept at fulfilling commissioned work and also landscape design.

Rosalie can be reached at

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