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Fair Rules & Regulations

Fair Entry Rules and Regulations 2024

EARLY ENTRY DAYS: Monday 8/12 & Tuesday 8/13 from 3-6 PM

REGULAR ENTRY DAY: Wednesday 8/14 from 9 AM-6 PM


MONDAY, August 19th from 3-6 PM ONLY (some departments may have different options for exhibit pick-up. Check with your department's Superintendent)

The Fair is not responsible for unclaimed exhibits.

1. ENTRIES MUST BE ENTERED AT THE FAIRGROUNDS DURING THE TIMES LISTED ABOVE. (Exceptions for 2024 include: Chicken, Egg, Rabbit, Cavy, Island Writers, and Trashion Fashion) PICK-UP DAY IS MONDAY, AUGUST 19th, 3:00-6:00 PM (check with your department's superintendent for any exceptions). THE SJC FAIR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNCLAIMED EXHIBITS AND CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STORAGE OF UNCLAIMED EXHIBITS. Certain departments i.e. Island Writers and Horse may have special entry deadlines. Please check with your department superintendent or check with the Fair Office by emailing or calling 360-378-8420 for additional information.

2. Age of the exhibitor is determined as of January 1st of the current year (4-H participants' age is determined by October 1st of the current 4H year). Unless otherwise noted youth open exhibitors will be classified as 17 years and under and adults as 18 years and older.

3. Exhibits MUST be claimed with tag claim checks on Monday, August 19th between 3-6 PM. Individuals found removing exhibits before this time will forfeit rights to premium money (please ask your department superintendent for exceptions on pick-up). Please make prior arrangements if you cannot pick up your exhibit on the designated pick-up day. The Fair will not be held responsible for your unclaimed exhibit(s).

4. Only San Juan County residents, including summer residents, are eligible to enter exhibits at the Fair.

5. Exhibitors will, at all times, give the necessary and personal attention to whatever they may have on exhibition. The Fair Board will take reasonable precautions but will not be responsible for loss or damage for any reason.

6. The Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations, and determine all matters, questions, and controversies thereto, or otherwise arising out of, or in connection with the Fair.

7. The Fair Board reserves the right to accept or reject entries for any reason.

8. Any exhibit entered, and listed in this premium book, shall be classified. Premiums and ribbons will be awarded by Fair Management if the exhibit is judged to merit such ribbons. No crossover exhibits allowed: i.e. you may not enter 4-H and Open Class with the same

9. The Fair Board reserves the right to determine entry fees on any or all exhibits through common publication two weeks prior to the Fair.

10. All livestock barns will be closed to everyone, except participating exhibitors, prior to and during Fitting and Showing Contests and prior to the Market Animal Sale.

11. CAMPING IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE DESIGNATED AREA. Campers must complete a camping reservation form and give it to the Fair Office prior to the Fair.

12. No campfires or the use of charcoal fires will be permitted on the fairgrounds. Grills or cooking stoves using propane will be permitted, and a fire extinguisher must be present at all times.

13. No vehicles will be allowed on the fairgrounds when the Fair is in session. Any vehicle outside this parameter must be escorted in/out by Fair staff on and off-site.

14. Parking shall not be permitted within 15 feet of any building at any time by order of the State Fire Marshal.

15. No prize shall be given for any article that has been exhibited at any previous fair, except livestock.

16. All premium checks will be mailed approximately 4-6 weeks after the Fair. Entry forms without complete mailing addresses will not receive premium money. PLEASE CASH YOUR CHECKS IMMEDIATELY. CHECKS WILL BE VOID AFTER 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE. The Fair Board will gratefully accept donation of your premium money to help support future fairs, please check the designated box on entry forms if you wish to donate.

17. Any errors in records or premiums will be subject to correction when sufficient proof is furnished, and error is reported before October 1, 2023.

18. The Fairgrounds is a smoke-free and vape-free facility.

19. No eating permitted in any livestock building or the horse barn.

20. ADVERTISING RESTRICTIONS: No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter upon the grounds, except from their place of business or exhibit booth space, or coordinated through Fair Staff as a specific sponsorship. The taking or posting of any advertisement, bills, etc., other than within the space occupied by exhibits is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this rule is liable for a fine or expulsion from the fair.

21. NO DOGS (unless part of the 4-H dog show or service animals) WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FAIRGROUNDS AT ANY TIME (NO EXCEPTIONS)

22. All authorized animals that are allowed on the fairgrounds must remain in their own active assigned area and shall not be allowed to move about on the fairgrounds, even on leash.

23. Once an animal has been vet-checked and approved to be shown, it must remain on the Fairgrounds for the duration of the Fair. If an animal is removed from the grounds, it may not return. Exceptions are haul in/haul out open class horses.


1. No person may act as judge in any division or class in which there is any direct or indirect interest in the result. If such judging and if awards are made in violation of this rule, the Fair Board reserves the right to revoke the awards made, appoint a new judge, and compel another examination.

2. No one other than the department superintendent is allowed to confer with the judge during a contest.

3. Any person interfering with the judging during the adjudication of the awards will forfeit all rights to any ribbons and/or premium money that may have been awarded.

4. In case of a protest, a written statement clearly setting forth the reasons for the protest must be filed with the San Juan County Fair Board within 24 hours of judging.

5. No exhibitor or judge will be allowed to see the entry books until after the awards have been made and entered therein, and thereafter no change, addition, or deletion will be permitted.

6. Only animals or articles entitled to premiums as listed in this premium book will be judged although judges may commend other exhibits which they deem worthy.


1. Open Class Exhibitors for cattle, goat, horse, sheep, or swine must contact their Department Superintendent by July 25th, 2024 to ensure space availability.

2. Market classes cannot double for breeding classes or vice versa, except in flock entries.

3. Competition for championship is limited to first-prize entries in the different lots of the same classes. Judge reserves the right to place animals according to merit.

4. Cattle with horns are permitted for entry with Open Class exhibitors 18 and up.

5. All livestock exhibitors are expected to keep their animals and stalls in such condition that they will be presentable to the public at all times throughout the Fair. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in forfeiture of premiums.

6. The Fair Board will not furnish feed for any exhibit. Each exhibitor will be responsible for furnishing feed and water containers.

7. All animals will be watered by hand. Each exhibitor is to bring their own bucket.

8. All animals exhibited must meet health requirements as listed below:

a. Washington livestock requires no vaccination or test for entry.

b. Individual health certificates are not required for entry.

c. Fair veterinarians will inspect all classes of livestock (including horses and pet animals) as they are unloaded, for infection, contagious diseases, and ectoparasites on entry day. If the veterinarian is not available at the Fair in time, a knowledgeable person such as the department superintendent should examine animals closely looking for signs of illness; any questionable animal should be denied entry and kept isolated until the fair veterinarian can conduct an examination. Animals need to be loaded in and remain in designated pens until the animal has passed vet inspection. Exhibitors should be aware that ringworm, warts, pinkeye, strangles, contagious eczema, scabies, lice, foot rot, mites, ticks, and fleas fall into this category. Do not bring a sick animal to the Fair.

d. No animals from any quarantined premises will be permitted to enter the Fair.

e. Any sick animal will be taken home at the decision of the veterinarian and the department superintendent.


10. The Fair veterinarian will be on the grounds at specified days and times. Contact the dept. superintendent by August 1st assist with the coordination of vet checks.

11. Out-of-state animal entries must comply with state of Washington import regulations.

12. Trailer Parking & Fees: Haul-in/daily rate $5 or $10 for 2 or more haul-in days. Trailer passes will be available at the Fair Admin Office and must be attached to the tongue of the trailer for the duration of the fair. All trailers must have a tag. Additional trailer and parking passes can be purchased at the Fair Admin Office or back gate ticket booth if space remains. Horse trailers must be parked in the designated area assigned upon arrival at the fairgrounds. Please keep the area congestion-free by parking trailers close and leaving room in the middle for other trailers to come in and turn around. Poorly parked trailers will be asked to move if blocking common spaces. The South entrance off Dougherty Lane is to be used for entry of horse trailers to the Fairgrounds for unloading of horses and equipment only. Please do not bring your horse trailers in through the main entrance of the Fairgrounds.


(Additional Rules on Department Page)

1. The veterinarian shall assist Fair management in all matters pertaining to the health and welfare of the animals in the show.

2. The official veterinarian’s decision, if requested by the judge as to the serviceable soundness of a horse (i.e., whether the horse shows evidence of lameness, broken wind, or complete loss of sight in either eye), will be final for the purpose of awarding ribbons in the class for which he has been called.

3. The official veterinarian, if called upon by a judge will act as a consultant, in regard to structural faults, defects, and blemishes in areas that might impair a horse’s activity and durability. Having received the benefit of the veterinarian’s consultation, the judge will then place the horse in question at his/her own discretion, based on their relative merits in light of the entire class specifications.

4. It is the duty of the veterinarian to measure any animal requiring measurement.



Since Nov 19, 2001, USDA regulations to manage sheep and goat scrapie have expanded regulations by the WA State Dept. of Agriculture. The following categories of sheep and goats must have official identification in order to move in interstate commerce (this includes sales, exhibitions, shows, or slaughter) or to move in livestock markets in Washington.

  • All sheep over 18 months of age (ewes, rams, and wethers).
  • All sheep and registered goats that are sold for breeding purposes regardless of age.
  • All sexually intact sheep (rams and ewes) and all sexually intact goats (bucks and does) going to a show, demonstration, or exhibition.
  • All goats that are sold and used primarily for milk production.
  • All scrapie exposed, suspect, high risk, and test positive sheep and goats.
  • USDA-issued ear tags will carry the assigned flock identification number and individual animal serial number. Tags and premises ID numbers can be obtained free from the USDA by calling (360)864-6320. Registered tattoos and registered brands with additional numbers may be used in lieu of tags. Call USDA to determine what additional ID numbers are needed. More information can be obtained on the Internet by visiting:

    and the USDA Scrapie Website:

    Questions about Exhibit Entry?

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