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Dogs (J)

Photo by Chase Anderson (2023) 

Elli Gull

Location: Dog Tent & Arena

Blue $5
Red $4
White Ribbon only

  1. All dog entrants must contact the Superintendent to arrange space in advance by July 25th.
  2. All entrants must provide current vaccination record or titer, and digs must be checked by the fair veterinarian in attendance. Rabies, kennel cough (Bordetella), and distemper (da2plcpv) are required.
  3. Open to all ages, with the following guidelines:
    • Junior entrants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be at least 7 years of age.
    • All entrants must be able to physically handle their dog. Entrants with an injury or disability may contact the superintendent to discuss accessibility.
  4. Dogs must enter by the side fairground gate off Dougherty Lane. Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds except in the dog show arena and tent, during show times only.
  5. Competition is open to any breed or mixed breed of dog. All dog entrants must participate in Showmanship to enter other classes. This requirement does not apply to Costume. Each entrant may show up to two dogs, except in Agility. One Agility dog per participant.
  6. All classes are open to any breed or mix, intact or altered. Female dogs in season must wear pants. Upon registration for Showmanship, please specify which breed you are showing (if mixed, pick which breed to show as).
  7. Baiting (treats) allowed in Showmanship and Costume classes, and at the completion of Trick Routine. Baiting is not allowed in other classes; use of bait in other classes may result in penalty or disqualification.
  8. All Agility entrants must provide prerequisites to superintendent by July 25th:
    • Approved dog height card
    • Proof of agility class completion or previous competition participation (for Novice and above.)
  9. Judging will be conducted according to 4-H guidelines and rules, which are similar to the rules in AKC, UKC, etc. For questions, please refer to Washington State 4-H Dog Program Guidelines ( or contact the superintendent. Judging is against an objective standard, so in the case of tie scores, a "Best of Class" showdown will determine winners.
  10. Dress: A neat, professional appearance with appropriate footwear is required. Dress need not be formal but should not distract from the dog.
  11. Tools:
    • Showmanship and Obedience: Flat or Martingale collar, or slip-rope or chain collar. 6ft lead (unless obedience class calls for off-lead).
    • Agility: Flat collar. Experienced contestants compete without a collar with prior permission only (prerequisites).
    • Trick, Canine Good Citizen, Fashion/Costume: Flat or Slip collar (including Martingales) or body harness that does not restrict the movement of the dog.
    • Non-retractable long lines are permitted, where appropriate, in Pre-Novice Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and Pre-Beginner/Beginner Trick Dog.
    • Pinch collars, e-collars, and head collars are not permitted. Retractable leads are not permitted.
  12. Dogs or human handlers that exhibit aggressive, unsocial, disruptive, or problem behavior will be excused from participation at the discretion of the judge or superintendent.
Class 1: Fitting & Showmanship
Description: similar to conformation showing in AKC, but in 4-H the handler's skills are judged, not the dog. Skills: gaining (trotting on-lead), stacking, showmanship patterns.
a. Junior (handler under 18)
b. Open ( handler 18 & older)

Class 2: Obedience Class
Description: dog's responses to handler's obedience commands are judged. See obedience levels below. Skills: sit, down, stay, heel, recall, etc. For specific rules for each level see 4-H rules.
a. Pre-Novice
b. Novice
c. Open

Class 3: Agility
Description: handler directs dog through a course featuring 10-15 obstacles. Entrants must submit completion of prerequisites before registering Pre-Novice or above.
a. Elementary (Fun run)
b. Pre-Novice
c. Novice
d. Open

Class 4: Canine Good Citizen
Description: The AKC Canine Good Citizen Test includes obedience and social manners tests. Participants passing this class with a minimum score or greater will earn a certificate in addition to any premium points/other award(s). More information at

Class 5: Trick Dog
Description: handler directs dog to perform 2-10 tricks, depending on level. Novice and above are performed off-lead. Judging is based on performance quality and trick difficulty.
a. Pre-Beginner: 2 tricks, on-lead (Junior)
b. Beginner: 4 tricks, on-lead
c. Novice: 5 tricks, off-lead
d. Advanced: 10 tricks, repeat each twice, off-lead

Class 6: Costume/Fashion Show (People's Choice)
Description: Get out your fancy dress or costumes for yourself and your dog! Strut your stuff around the ring and bring in the win by popular vote!

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