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Photography (Y)

Thomas Ashcraft

Location: Main Exhibit Hall

Blue Ribbon - $5
Red Ribbon - $4
Best in Class and Best in Show (per exhibitor section) prizes TBD

Photography Rules:
As in past years, we will have three exhibitor sections; a Competitive section without regard to age, an Adult and Teen Open section for photographers 13 and over, and a Youth Open section for photographers 12 and under. Within each exhibitor section, there will be 11 classes. Professional photographers (photographers who regularly sell their work or teach the craft are considered professional) are encouraged to enter. Entries by professional photographers will be grouped together in an open section. Depending on the number of entries multiple awards may be given. Entries by professional photographers should demonstrate outstanding photographic composition and technique rather than showcasing a particular artist’s work. Exhibitor Sections:
  • Competitive
  • Adult and Teen Open
  • Youth Open (12 and Under)
*Note: teens should write "TEEN" (and indicate their age) on the entry form and on the entry tag as the best photographs from this age group will be separately recognized.
GEN General (landscapes, sunsets or sunrises, sailboats, architecture, i.e. wonderful, evocative images).
FT Fair Theme (2024 Theme: “A Century of Growing: 100 Years at Home” (must clearly evoke San Juan County and or the County Fair).
CH Children (Images of children)
PO Portrait.
PFA Pets and Farm Animals.
NW Nature/Wildlife.
FM Flowers or Other Macro.
SL Still Life
TR Travel (entries in this class the image will be judged on how well the image evokes a particular place or culture as well as on its artistic merits). CR Creative Images (An abstract - an image represented as a graphical design, or for emotional impact rather than for what it actually is; or an altered image, artificially colored or digitally created, with the result the artistic vision of the photographer not necessarily representative of reality). PE Photo Essay. Multiple images that tell a story. May be color, black & white, from film, or captured digitally. These must be multiple images and if in separate frames, marked so that they can be hung in the intended order. Entries will be judged on relative storytelling impact, as well as the composition and quality of individual prints.

Judging & Awards:
The judging within the competitive section will be different from the judging in the open sections. In the competitive section, there will be just one blue, one red, and one white ribbon and, if warranted, honorable mention ribbons awarded within each class as well as an overall “Best in Class” award per exhibitor section. If a class has 5 or fewer entries the photographs may be grouped with another class or not all ribbons may be awarded. This is to ensure that the quality of photographs receiving ribbons in this section meets comparable standards. Within the open sections (both Adult and Teen and Youth) blue, red, and white ribbons will be awarded to all photographs meeting certain artistic criteria without regard to other photographs. In addition “Best in Class” ribbons per exhibitor section will be awarded. In the two open sections, special recognition will be given to outstanding young photographers. The best photographs (without regard to ribbons) submitted by teen photographers will be separately displayed. Following the judging, the best photographs in each section will be displayed together in a “winners circle.” A “Best in Show” ribbon will be awarded without regard to the section in which it was entered. As in past years, there will be a daily “People’s Choice” award given based on voting by attendees. This award will be given without regard to section.

Photographers may enter TWO photographs in the Competitive Section and/or TWO photographs in the Open Section) for a maximum of four photographs). While children 11 and under may enter photographs in the competitive section, care should be taken to ensure that the photographs are of a competitive quality. Entries can be submitted on Early Entry Days between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, August 12th, or Tuesday, August 13th, or between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 14th. There can be no exceptions to this as we need time to hang and judge the entire exhibit. It is unfair to other participants for photographers to try to submit late entries. The San Juan County Fair reserves the right not to accept or display photographs due to inappropriate content. Photographs must be framed with a secure fastening device for hanging (string taped to the frame or back does not hold!). No string, please! We cannot accept any other framing as these cannot be properly hung and detract from the overall quality of the exhibit.
Saw-tooth hangers are not acceptable as we hang pictures from large S-hooks. String or wire taped to the back of the picture will not hold and cannot be accepted. We will not be responsible for damaged frames caused by inadequate framing. Where possible, please avoid large or ‘fancy’ frames as they often detract from the photograph. In the case of framing, less is more! While only the photographs themselves will be subject to judging, poorly framed and haphazard framing or matting detract from the overall quality of the exhibit and may be rejected. All entries must be the original work of the photographer.
The name, signature, or identifying marks of the photographer must not appear on the visible surface of any entry. If the photographer’s name is on the print or mat, it must be covered by tape.
Sizes: minimum – 4”x6” print (should be in at least a 5”x7” frame) and a maximum, overall, outside dimension (of the frame) of 120” (equivalent to a 26” x 34” frame). To encourage photographers to create work specifically for exhibiting at the fair all photographs must have been have been taken within 19 months of the fair (that is, after January 1, 2023).
Photographs may be titled or untitled. In all sections, both color and black-and-white photographs will be accepted. Special awards will be given for outstanding black and white photographs. No distinction will be made between digital or film-based photography. All work that follows the rules will be judged. Photographs must be claimed on Monday, August 19th, between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
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