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Poultry & Eggs (H)

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Poultry & Eggs (H)
Jennifer Rigg
360-378-7480 (cell/text)

Location: Horse Tack Barn
Entry Check-In: Wednesday, August 14th, 2024 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Premium Awards:
Blue $4.00
Red $3.00
White Ribbon only

Special Awards:
Grand / Reserve Champions - Chicken, Waterfowl, Other Poultry
Grand / Reserve Champions - Eggs
Best of Show - Poultry, Waterfowl, Eggs
Other Special Awards TBARules:
  1. All entrants are encouraged to contact the Superintendent by July 31st to arrange cage space in advance.
  2. All poultry must be checked by the Fair Veterinarian before being exhibited. Do NOT unload animal from personal cage until the vet has checked your animal.
  3. All poultry must be free of lice, mites, and other parasites/diseases before they will be accepted as entries. Due to recent threats of Avian Flu and other diseases, do not bring any bird that shows signs of sneezing, coughing, wheezing, eye or nasal discharge, open-mouthed breathing, or lethargy to the Fair. If you have had any recent illnesses or deaths in your flock, please do not bring any birds to the Fair. This will help reduce the spread of potentially fatal diseases.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for the DAILY care of their birds, including food, water, and clean cages. Poultry exhibits must remain presentable to the public at all times throughout the Fair. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in forfeiture of premiums.
  5. Number of entries may be limited due to cage space.
  6. No chicks under 12 weeks old will be accepted as entries.
  7. No wild/feral animals will be accepted as entries.
  8. All lots will be judged according to breed standards.
  9. No animal shall be removed from the Fair before the close of the Fair, except by special permission from the superintendent. Exhibitors will be contacted if their animal shows signs of illness and will need to be taken home.
  10. Poultry/eggs must be picked up by 10:00 am on Monday. The Fair is not responsible for unclaimed exhibits.

Class 1: Chicken
a. Cockerel/Cock
b. Pullet/Hen
c. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 2: Duck
a. Individual - Drake or Duck
b. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 3: Goose
a. Individual - Gander or Goose
b. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 4: Turkey
a. Individual - Tom or Hen
b. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 5: Guinea Fowl/Game
a. Individual - Cock or Hen
b. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 6: Quail/Pigeon/Dove
a. Individual - Cock or Hen
b. Pair (2), Pen or Trio (3) Class 7: Eggs (1 dozen)
Eggs must be displayed in a carton appropriate to the size of the eggs so that all eggs can be viewed individually.
a. Large Fowl
b. Bantam
c. Duck/Goose
d. Turkey
e. Other
f. Farmer’s Dozen: A variety of sizes, colors, and species of fowl eggs, judged on a mismatched, unblemished, and aesthetically pleasing dozen. Special Event: The Great Chicken Race
Location: Main Arena
Time & Location: TBA posted in barn during Fair
“Jockeys” will position their chickens to run from a small, inner circle “starting line” to a larger, outer circle “finish line”. Three heats will be run, with the winners of each heat racing in a final race. All entrants receive a t-shirt and the finals winner receives a trophy.
Only poultry entered in the Fair event (open or 4-H departments) can participate in this event, for animal health reasons. No exceptions.
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