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Rabbits & Cavies


Superintendent: Jennifer Rigg

360-378-7480 (cell/text)

Location: Poultry Tent

Entry Check in: Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

9:00 am - 6:00 pm


1.All rabbits/cavies must be checked by the Fair veterinarian before

being exhibited. Do NOT unload animal from personal cage until

vet has checked animal.

2.Exhibitors are responsible for the DAILY care of their animals, including food,

water and clean cages.

3.Limit to 8 total entries per entrant.

4.Does/Sows with litters will not be accepted. No kits/pups under 12 weeks old

will be accepted as entries.

5.No wild/feral animals will be accepted as entries.

6.All lots will be judged according to breed standards.

7.No animal shall be removed from the Fair before the close of the Fair, except

by special permission from the superintendent. Exhibitors will be contacted if

their animal shows signs of illness and will need to be taken home.

8.Rabbits/cavies must be picked up by 11:00 am on Sunday. The Fair is not

responsible for unclaimed exhibits.

Premium Awards:



WhiteRibbon only

Special Awards:

Grand / Reserve Champions (each class)

Best of Show

Other Special Awards TBA

Class I:Rabbits


1.Junior Buck (3 to 6 months)

2.Junior Doe(3 to 6 months)

3.Intermediate Buck(6 to 8 months)

4.Intermediate Doe(6 to 8 months)

5.Senior Buck(over 8 months)

6.Senior Doe(over 8 months)

7.Market Pen

Class II:Cavies (Guinea Pigs)


1.Junior Boar(12 to 22 oz, 3-4 months) 2.Junior Sow(12 to 22 oz, 3-4 months) 3.Intermediate Boar(23 to 32 oz, 4-6 months) 4.Intermediate Sow(23 to 32 oz, 4-6 months) 5.Senior Boar(over 32 oz, over 6 months) 6.Senior Sow(over 32 oz, over 6 months)

Special Event:Bunny Bingo

Location: Poultry Tent

Friday, August 17th

Time: TBA, posted in barn during Fair

Round 1: Rabbit Bucks

Round 2: Rabbit Does

Round 3: Cavy Boars

Round 4: Cavy Sows

Entrants will be placed on a numbered grid in a contained pen.

Numbers will be chosen “Bingo” style to determine winners.

Prizes awarded for entrants and audience.

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