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Fair Superintendents

Each year, talented and driven members of San Juan County take on the roles of Department Superintendents. There are 27 different "Open Class" departments of the Fair ranging from Junior Arts and Crafts to Chickens. Each Superintendent organizes volunteers to supervise each division during the Fair and Entry Day; answering questions and assisting exhibitors. Superintendents also secure the judges for their department, scout out specialty prize sponsorship, update their department's entry guidelines in the exhibitor guide, and tally the winners for premium prize distribution by the Fair staff. They work non-stop for entire week surrounding the Fair--we truly couldn't do it without them!

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Superintendent Responsibilities:

Current Fair Superintendents

Baking: Kris Brown, 360-378-3432 and Kelley Unger 360-375-6109
Beer and Wine: Jim Dunn H 360 370 5395, C 206 919 7969
Cattle: Josephine Bangs, 360-376-2769
Crafts and Industrial Arts: Susan Fjellman
Fiber Arts: Jason Munkres (360-370-5854), Margaret Thorson (472-0574), Donna Rumolo (370-5504)
Fine Arts: Marsha McAllister
Flowers: Fiona Norris, 360-378-1003 & Sandra Brame: 360-378-5347
Food Preservation: Minnie Knych 378-7040 and Pat Penwell
Fruit: Lenore Bayuk 360-378-2924
Goats: Jodi Fowler, 360-468-2960
Grains & Forage Plants: Angie Freeman-Shepard 360-370-7664
Horses: Lorena Stankevich, 360-376-7048
Horses (4H): Terri Brown, 360-378-2876
Horse Barn: Amber and Justin Paulsen
Horse Administration Overall: Flo McAlary
Horses 4H Medals and Registration: Kari Van Gelder
Junior Arts & Crafts: Bonnie Turman & Brooke Turman, 360-378-6005
Photography: Miles Crossen
Poultry & Eggs: Jennifer Rigg
Rabbits: Jennifer Rigg
Sheep: LeAnne GrosJacques-Burt, 360-468-4635, Amy Lum 376-4454
Swine: Derekk Buffum
Textile Arts: Krispi Staude, 360-378-2434 & Christy Hinkle, 360-378-8423
Trash To Treasure: Kevin Roth, 360-378-4725
Vegetables: Mo Sloane 360-370-5587
Island Writers/Written Word: Boyd Pratt
Zucchini 500: Scott Bell and Lynnette Cabrera
For 4-H Superintendent Information, visit the WSU Extension website here.
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