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Zucchini 500

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Zucchini 500

Superintendents: Scott Bell & Lynnette Cabrera


Central Exhibit Triangle (In front of Horse Arena)

Entries must be registered to race by 3:00pm every day at the Zucchini 500 display booth near the Trash to Treasure Dept. Races start @ 5:00 pm daily at the Skate Park.


Blue $5

Red $3

White Ribbon only



1. If your racer doesn’t fit on the track, you will not be able to race.

2. Don’t be disappointed; choose your zucchini wisely.

3. All zucchini racers will be judged for speed.

4. Creativity will be judged based on composition, form and originality.

5. Size Limit:

Length of Racer ­ designated by the zucchini

Width of Racer ­ must not exceed 12 inches

6. Age limit:

a. 5 and under

b. 6 to 11

c. 12 and over

CLASS I: Creativity

No age limit for judging, 3 awards each day, must be registered with a Fair Entry form by 3pm each day to be judged.

CLASS II: Racing


1. Custom – any zucchini component allowed

2. Stock ­­ a zucchini must be used as the body of the racer

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