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Superintendent: Don Burt

All open class exhibitors for Sheep must contact department superintendent by July 31st to ensure space availability.

Location: Sheep Barn


Blue $10

Red$ 6

White $ 4


1. All sheep must be closely inspected for external parasites before Fair time. The Fair Veterinarian will inspect animals before being unloaded. Sick animals must be removed from the grounds.

2. Those entering fitting and showing must have their equipment available when showing.

3. Exhibitors must be present to show their own animals during judging unless proper arrangements are made in advance with the Superintendent in charge.

4. If there are three or more entries in the same pure breed, a separate class will be established.

5. Under each class an exhibitor may have only two entries in each lot.

6. Wool sheep should be shown in fleece to the best advantage of the breed, i.e., not newly shorn, or a full year’s growth.

Class I: Suffolk

Class II: Purebred Black Face Meat

Class III: Purebred White Face Meat

Class IV: Purebred White Face Wool

Class V: Natural Colored Pure Bred

Class VI: Natural Colored Crossbred

Class VII: Crossbred Ewe

Class VIII: Market Lambs, Wether or Ewe (one entry per exhibitor)

Class IX: Other Breeds, Wool

Class X: Other Breeds, Meat

Class XI: Dairy Sheep


* Check with superintendent for dates on yearlings & lambs

1. Yearling ram

2. Ram lamb

3. Pair ram lambs, owned by exhibitor

4. Yearling ewe

5. Pair yearling ewes, owned by

6. Ewe lamb

7. Pair of ewe lambs, owned by exhibitor

8. Aged ewe

9. Aged ram

10. Young flock owned and bred by
exhibitor, to consist of one ram lamb and two ewe lambs

11. Get-of-Sire, four animals under 2 years of age, bred and owned by exhibitor

12. Flock, two yearling ewes, two lamb ewes, one ram under two years of age, bred and owned by exhibitor

13. Best pair, either sex represented. Limit one entry per exhibitor.

Class XII: Lad and Ladies Lead

This class has the following age groups:

1. Ladies

a. 10 years and


b. 11 to 17 years

c. 18 years and older


a. 10 years and


b. 11 to 17 years

c. 18 years and older

Participant is to wear a wool garment and lead a sheep on a halter. The announcer will read a description written by the contestant about their garment and the sheep being led. The judge will look for neatness, appropriateness, style and fit of the wool garment; the fitting, cleanliness and behavior of the sheep, along with the quality of the written description. Prizes will be awarded in each age group.

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