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2021 Virtual Entry Form

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Jennifer Pietsch

Premiums: TBD

Special Awards:

The San Juan County Textile Guild will offer a Best in Show Rosette. Grand Champion Rosettes and Reserve Champion Rosettes may be awarded in each class.


1. Wool will be graded and judged on the following criteria:

a. Cleanliness of fleece (minimal vegetative matter, dirt/mud/dung.

b. Staple length (appropriate to breed type)

c. Uniformity of fiber (crimp, fiber diameter)

d. Handle (softness appropriate to breed, spin ability)

e. Weight and color, when applicable

2. Fleeces must have been shorn this year and must not represent more than one year’s growth.

3.Fleeces are to be clean,
unwashed, skirted and displayed in clear plastic bags.

4.Under each class, only five entries are permitted in each lot.

5.The Judge or
Superintendent may
disqualify any entry for just cause and re-assign entry to categories as deemed proper.

Class I: White Fine Wool Breeds


A. Merino

B. Rambouillet

C. Other appropriate breeds

Class II: White Down Wool Breeds


A. Suffolk

B. Hampshire

C. Cheviot

D. Other appropriate breeds

Class III: White Medium Wool Breeds


A. Columbia

B. Corriedale

C. Other appropriate breeds

Class IV: White Long Wool Breeds


A. Lincoln

B. Border Leicester

C. Romney

D. Other appropriate breeds

Class V: Natural Colored Fine Wool Breeds

Class VI: Natural Colored Down Wool Breeds

Class VII: Natural Colored Medium Wool Breeds

Class VIII: Natural

Colored Long Wool Breeds

Class IX: Unique Minor Breeds


A. Wether

B. Ewe over one year old

C. Ram lamb under one year old

D. Ewe lamb under one year old

E. Ram over one year

Class X: Mohair (Angora Goat Fiber)


A. Doe kid under one year

B. Doe yearling and older

C. Buck kid under one year

D. Wether yearling and older

E. Wether kid under one year

Class XI: Angora Rabbit Fiber Breeds


A. French

B. English

C. German or Giant

D. Other (Satin, Jersey Wooly, American Fuzzy Lop)

Note: All rabbit fibers must be from rabbits over nine months old at the time of fiber harvest

Class XII: Other locally grown fibers (alpaca, llama, flax, e.g.)

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