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Open Class Departments & Exhibits

Baking (S)

Co-Superintendents: Kristine Brown & Kelley Unger
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Crafts & Industrial Arts

Crafts & Industrial Arts (UU)
Superintendent: Beth Haynes

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Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts (G)
Superintendent: Jason Munkres

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Fine Arts

Fine Arts (U)
Superintendents: Marsha McAllister & Doug DeMeerler

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Superintendents: Fiona Norris 360-317-6237 & Kristy Briggs 425-941-1772

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Food Preservation

Food Preservation (Q)
Superintendent: Minnie Knych

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Fruit (L)
Superintendent: Lenore Bayuk
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Grains & Forage Plants

Grains & Forage Plants (O)
Superintendent Angie Shephard
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Island Writers

Island Writers (Z)
Superintendent: Boyd Pratt
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Junior Arts & Crafts

Junior Arts & Crafts (V)
Superintendent: Chanda Stone
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Livestock & Pets


Co-Superintendents: Miles Crossen and Thomas Ashcraft
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Textile Arts

Textile Arts (T)
Superintendents: Krispi Staude, Christy Hinkle

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Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure (W)
Superintendent: Kevin Roth

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Vegetables (M)
Superintendent: Mo Sloane

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Zucchini 500

Zucchini 500 (P)
Superintendents: Lynnette Cabrera & Scott Bell

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